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A Wife's Tale...DCA-ORD-HKG on UA in Y + HKG and Macau!

Hello Flyer Talkers,

As the California born wife (hence the name) of IADtowhere, I've been encouraged to join this absorbing online world he's discovered. So as the obliging lady I am, I present to you...

Hong Kong: The Wife's Perspective

The trip began when we decided to plan a weeklong anniversary trip over Thanksgiving. Neither of us had been to Asia, and we agreed that Hong Kong would be the perfect introductory city. We had acquired vouchers from an overnight bump on an IAD to EWR flight, and once we found the tickets we drove to the airport to buy them. Now it might sound logical to go to the airport to buy international tickets with vouchers, but we have a history of airport visits. My husband will go to the airport for ANYTHING. "Let's go check in for our flight" - that is tomorrow...and up online. "Let's go get dinner." "Let's go watch planes." He really knows how to show his lady a good time. (But I admit, it's sweet to see the boy in him, so I oblige.)

Now with the dates set and tickets bought, we just had to play the waiting game.

Two months later, we boarded the first leg of our flight - United economy plus DCA to ORD. From there we flew direct to Hong Kong - United economy plus ORD to HKG. The seats were comfy for my flexible 5'9" but a bit tight for all 6'4" of my husband - as his cramped leg picture will attest. While on layover in Chicago, we purchased one day passes for the Red Carpet Club - only after the next flight were we going to get free Star Alliance Gold access. The club was quite full, but I like free cheese squares and he likes free drinks, so we settled in and then indulged in a bit of the bubbly to toast our anniversary - hooray for marriage! I will simply segue by saying that I had no trouble sleeping on the next flight. So for the next 16 hours, my sleeping, eating and episodes of Modern Family (on my iPod as I have recently forsaken my favorite airlines and their little personal TVs for my husband's pursuit of elite status) were only interrupted by a mid-flight walk to the back window of the 747. We stretched out then huddled together to admire the open sky and sneak in glimpses of Russia as we flew over the clouds and down the globe into our final destination.

A quick note on food - I got the low calorie meal (Though my figure was probably deceived by this was in for a week of betrayal.) and he got the Hindu meal. If you're going for flavor, skip mine. My husband's meal was two for three - great snack and dinner, unsavory breakfast. His taste buds are warming up to adventure, mine will politely decline bland. The dining highlight was our bowl of noodles and almond cookie. Aside from being quite tasty it confirmed to me and my bubbling enthusiasm that we uninitiated Americans were officially going to Asia!

DCA at 6AM

View from the RCC - our plane to HKG!

Spacious legroom

Lovely view on a walk to the back

Soon to come: The Arrival and the First Night (Bathrooms with automatically defogging mirrors!)

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