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Originally Posted by PhlyingRPh View Post
This is wonderful news ^ - music to my ears
Wait a minute...

First of all, you have to call to get things done when CO cancels. They don't proactively rebook you and let you know. You have to call and wait forever to get through. EVERY customer has the opportunity to rebook if they can get through.

And it's not in major weather like this where CO Plats have problems.

In my experience, it's when your particular flight has a mechanical or other issues. I had 3 bad experiences last year where I got screwed severely by CO.


I was flying to FLL to sign some papers and after, I was flying to SFO the same day from FLL after a 3 hour stop there. Routing was ORD-IAH-FLL-IAH-SFO. All segments were upgraded to F.

My flight was at 545AM ORD-IAH and it got a mechanical due to a hydraulic leak. They waited for two hours to cancel the flight to avoid responsibility.

I tried to get rebooked on AA non stop or through CLT on US so I could make my meeting, but they wouldn't hear of it. I had to wait for hours at ORD to take CO metal through IAH which of course meant missing my meeting. I also would have missed my FLL-IAH-SFO return and needed to be rebooked to a later flight from FLL, but only 1 hour on the ground there

I spoke to the GA, PC rep, and the Elite desk -- 3 calls. They made it clear, they only rebooked to CO

So I decided to cancel the meeting and just go straight to SFO.. Not so fast... Because it was two different PNRs, I had to go to FLL and do all the legs. I again talked to 5 different CO channels. Yes, they were really going to make me go to FLL and get in to SFO around midnight, 5 hours after I was supposed to be there..

I finally got a hold of a supervisor, no chance of getting UA non stop, but she agreed to get me through Houston (on the flight they already rebooked me on to get to FLL). There was no time to get a new BP IAH-SFO, but she promised me that she was going to rebook me and when I got to Houston, I could go to the SFO gate.

She lied.. Nothing was done and the SFO gate person made an exception and put me in a middle seat all the way in the back.

So there's CO Plat treatment for you when their planes breaks down.
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