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Originally Posted by joshwex90 View Post
Not entirely true. Continental's flight 90, for example, is a direct flight from LAX to TLV, with both a stopover AND an equipment change in EWR (from a 737-900ER to a 777-200ER). Direct flights in reality have no connection to whether or not the plane remains the same, as frequently they involve equipment change. The reason for keeping the same number has something to do with how the flights appear on searches and/or landing spots.
From the site I linked above:
"A direct flight only means that you are on a flight that will take you to your destination without having to change planes. There will be a stop on the way…. maybe two, but you will almost always stay on the same aircraft.

"In rare instances, you may have the same flight number, but you will have to change planes. This can happen if the airline has to change aircraft for operational reasons…

"If you booked a flight from the U.S. to Europe as a direct flight from, say San Francisco through an East Coast City to London, you may have to get off the aircraft and re-board at another gate. Your direct flight may have the same flight number for both segments, but maybe there is a larger aircraft for that longer segment, or the airline agents may have to check your documents."
CO90 is one of those rare instances. On Southwest, for example, you can fly cross country on one plane with one flight number and make as many as three or four stops en-route.

Regardless, the OP was referring to non-stop flights when he wrote direct.
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