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Originally Posted by janetdoe View Post
The Mormons I personally know do seem to have a lot of respect or deference for authority figures. But I also have to say that when they, as a group, decide to exert their political muscle, they are almost unstoppable - look at the issue of gay marriage in California...
There is deference largely in leadership to the church, but I wouldn't say that necessarily extends to political circles. LDS tend to stay Republican as we're a conservative lot for the most part. However, there's a healthy bunch of libertarians and liberals too and a lot will disagree with political leadership (just ask how many like Harry Reid, who's also LDS). It's not uncommon for their to be disagreement amongst the membership in how things are to be done. But you're right that the deference is there in the Church once the decision is made.

We're definitely not a bunch of yes men and women.

I won't go any further lest we take this to OMNI/PR.

I think that something that impacts as strongly on the family as allowing your children and wife to be viewed naked and groped by entry-level employees would excite some interest in the LDS community.
It has, especially amongst my friends as I evangelized the anti-TSA gospel. Many just don't know. Jason Chaffetz is also a good start. While there is the "obeying the law of the land thing" it doesn't preclude working to change things withing the legal framework.

One of my friends just had a major cow about what happened to her in SAN. I had one of those those "told ya so" moments with her when she went thru the NoS and was still groped because she was wearing a skirt (and knowing her and being a large woman, it wouldn't have been a tight skirt). I told her "Now if you're gonna get felt up anyway, why not just tell them to shove the scope?" I think she's gonna this time around.

Also I'm curious if there are any unique TSA issues with temple garments. (make it harder to use naked scanner, need to be removed to clear a secondary alarm, etc.) I wouldn't necessarily think it would happen in SLC, but flying out of other airports...
I doubt it would be any different than a man wearing boxers and undershirt ... something that would be common on men in the winter time or for women, wearing a camisole with a bra and longer underwear. They're made of run of the mill fabrics (cotton, polyester, etc) so that shouldn't be any more of an issue than for anyone else wearing standard underwear. It's not the fabric that makes them special, it's what they symbolize for us. I would hope TSA would respect that if there ever came to a disrobing, much like any other clergy or others wearing religious articles. If not, well, there'd be as much grounds to complain as with the nuns getting hassled.

For me personally? I'd probably walk before it ever got to that point. If I didn't fly, so be it.
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