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How any of us "read" things or "interpret" things is irrelevant - what counts is what AC actually does as they implement these new electronic certs. The wording as of now is terribly vague.

I could be in line for 8-10 SSWU's between now and the end of the year depending on when I time pass purchases and cross thresholds. Most of these would end up as walpaper if they came as 2010 certs or they would be a most welcome jump start to the new year if they came as eCerts.

Any clarification from Andrew around the following would be most welcome:
  • Will eCerts only be valid for travel on or after March 1, 2011; or as in previous years will we be able to begin using the eCerts as soon as they are received?
  • What is the cut off date for when AC plans to stop shipping out 2010 certs and begins offering eCerts instead
  • Once the eCert program is up and running, how quickly will we be credited with eCerts - will it be a weekly or bi-weekly sweep, will it be upon purchase of pass and upon crediting of flight that takes us past a threshhold...
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