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Originally Posted by g_leyser View Post
How do you like it? Pros? Cons?
I purchased the light gray Muji suitcase and use it for 4-5 day trips.

Very light for the size
No problem so far fitting it in overhead bins
Easy to push down the aisle. Better with hard floors and harder carpeting.
Spins pretty well for such small wheels
Can drag on 2 wheels just as easily.

Top and Side handles not padded
If overloaded, can be difficult to put the long slide handle back into the slot
Nylon and zippers feel sufficient but not "Industrial".

Has a full flap for compression, not just two straps.
No piggyback strap (I rarely use this as I take electronics I prefer over my shoulder so they don't get rammed by others)

I would purchase this one again for this specific need but might not if it were my only carry-on roller piece that could possibly get checked. I haven't beat it up since it feels light but it has run into corners/legs and fared fine. Will have to check the handle height to see if it would work for tall people as well; I'm petite and needed a light bag I can lift. Works as long as I don't overload it.

If you are interested, I can take some photos/short video and post them.

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