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Originally Posted by FindMeTravel View Post
I got a latter a couple of months ago for $50 off membership (AOB), which brings it down to $350 since I'm patinum. I forgot about it until the yesterday and found that it expired on 7/31.
I'm seriously considering the membership.

1) is there a point in calling to try to get the discount? or is this a hopeless case?

2) I assume that $350 is a good price? I mean are there usually better promos?

3) Assuming I could get the Amex Platinum. Is that at $450 a year a better deal given the access to other clubs (benefits other than lounge access don't matter much to me)?
You can always get a AC discount with the Citi card. However, the Citi card also carries an annual fee.

$350 may not be a good price, depends upon AA promos. For example, last year was a $70 off coupon which brings cost down to $230 if you have status. Not sure if AA running any promos this year.

The Amex Platinum is a personal thing base on your travels. If you are strictly AA, no point for the Amex as it costs more and offers less. The Amex card does not give you free Wifi in the AC and (I think) reduces the number of guests one can have. You should search and see the discussions on this in other threads of having the Amex card.
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