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Originally Posted by Madison Guy View Post
I'm a bit confused here. The airlines computer systems generally will not book an illegal connection - and it appears you are saying that is what they have done? (35 min connection rebooked for you with a 65 min minimum?? Or did they rebook you on a much later flight that is not acceptable to you, and it's the flights you were on that now have the short connection?)
The connection time was approximately 4 hours when I booked it back in December, so it was a legal connection. They changed it to 35 minutes which is not allowed and they did not even notify me. I found out because I check my reservations often just in case.

Originally Posted by martin33 View Post
One might "feel" like AA should buy a paid space ticket on the IB flights most wanted because IB changed its schedules, but that ain't going to happen.

Schedule change rules are very clear and discussed over and over again. One is entitled to a refund, period. With AA-only travel, AA can be and is usually rather flexible on permitting alternative AA re-accommodation. Traveling on another carrier-- then AA is essentially just the travel agent and has no control over allocating space.
I figured somebody would take exception about my choice of word, although I suspect it would still happen if I'd said think, believe or even hope. lol

I did not even think about the possibility of asking them to pay for other flights and would not pretend to do so. I was looking for alternative itineraries. The agent was very nice, but she could not find any options on the two days I asked her to look. i don't have flexibility outside of those two days. I did book months in advance and was very happy with the original itinerary so I am sad and upset that I have to scramble now almost at the last minute.

Thanks to all for your feedback.
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