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Originally Posted by moyrani View Post
I called AA to change FCO->MAD->SJU flights from Sunday to Saturday, which still has more or less the same flight times that my Sunday flights used to have. The agent said that there was no award travel availability on Iberia on Saturday or Sunday, not even connecting through other cities. She did not even know what to tell me. In the end, she said she would submit a request to the American/Iberia liaison to see if they would approve the FCO->MAD->SJU flights on Saturday due to the schedule change.
Has anyone had a similar experience with requests submitted to a "liaison" for approval? What are the chances that they are going to approve it? Any suggestions if they don't? The agent asked me to call in 3-4 business days to check the status. I feel like it is their responsibility to find me flights even if there is no award inventory since the schedule change was rather extreme and it was obviously not my fault.
One might "feel" like AA should buy a paid space ticket on the IB flights most wanted because IB changed its schedules, but that ain't going to happen.

Schedule change rules are very clear and discussed over and over again. One is entitled to a refund, period. With AA-only travel, AA can be and is usually rather flexible on permitting alternative AA re-accommodation. Traveling on another carrier-- then AA is essentially just the travel agent and has no control over allocating space.
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