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Originally Posted by cottonpatch View Post
My wife's reserve card statement closed on the 5th of January. She crossed her second spending threshold in 2009 and she should be getting a second bonus of 15,000 miles and 15,000 MQM's. The 15,000 mile bonus actually posted rather quickly. The problem is that she is not getting the additional 15,000 MQM's. She has gone to the deltareservemqm website page and it says that she has not reached her spending thresholds. It is a fact though that she has crossed the threshold or she would not have gotten the 15,000 bonus miles. The miles and MQM bonuses are earned simultaneously and go together.

A letter signed by her was faxed to Delta on Tuesday. This was after a lengthy phone call and speaking with numerous DL reps on Friday. Still no answer from the fax and no acknowledgement of receipt of the fax. This is disheartening and actually leads one away from DL due to the instability of their loyalty program. I find it odd that they can spend the dollars on marketing a loyalty program like the Reserve card and then execute it so poorly that it drives people away. And yes, having a good program like the reserve card does make us more loyal. Without it, we'd certainly fly some of the other options out of ATL more frequently.
I mentioned earlier in the thread that I was facing precisely the same thing -- AMEX bill closed Dec. 29th, both miles and MQM bonus (which I had earned as of that statement) usually post the next day, and after about a week nothing had posted. I resolved to wait another week and, sure enough, everything posted no problem. And, in case you're wondering, the MQM's counted toward 2009 as they should have.

Moreover, I had the same problem as your wife claiming the threshold award until the MQM's all posted. Once they did, no problem claiming the award.

It is frustrating, but I think the simple answer is that the AMEX rewards are taking at least 10-14 days longer to post than usual but, if my experience is any guide, once they do post, everything is correct.

It doesn't shock me that phone reps don't know as much about this as we do. That's not really a criticism of the reps, just the way things are.

Good luck!
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