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Originally Posted by MoonPet View Post
Two more things I wanted to add:

1. At the time I was dating my boyfriend (now my husband ) he was living in Germany and I was in NY. So lots of TATL flights, either via LHR or the ORD/DFW FRA flights. So know that I've gotten through some long ones.

2. I do still take Zoloft, 25 mg daily, for the anxiety. I'm open about this because prior to starting the Zoloft some 10 years ago, panic attacks were taking over my life. I was going from a fairly independent young woman to someone who was nearly homebound. The meds helped get the biological causes under control although there are still triggers that I have to work through.

Sorry if I've rambled on. I just wanted to add the above so that you have a better picture of my experiences and situation.
When I have a long trip in the planning, I keep a container of Klonopin nearby and usually take one-half of one .50 mg.(yellow) tablet AFTER boarding. It is a powerful anti-anxiety medication and definitely should only be used with an MD's authorization. It always works for me but usually produces some long term drowsiness. So if you're headed for a meeting shortly after arrival, I'd avoid taking it. I've taken Zoloft and Ambien and found them to be unhelpful. By the way, you definitely do not want to drive when taking Klonopin.
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