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We proceeded to the General Aviation area and the tower
(still alas not getting off the bus), and eventually the
tour and the Do came to an end. Auf Wiedersehens and A
bientots and See you soons all round, and many thanks to
f0zzyNUE for a terrific weekend. lili and I took our leave
from everyone to go on a random walk, taking advantage of
our weekend transit passes. A lot of this didn't exactly
work out, as the U-Bahn goes through a lot of depressing
1950s suburbs, not a huge surprise as the city had been
largely destroyed in WWII. We did find ourselves in a rather
nice city to the west called Furth, which had in fact been
spared by the Allies and had a good collection of 18th and
19th century buildings - but nothing really old, as it had
been razed in its turn, which had been in the Thirty Years'
War. Looking up on the Web one discovers that it was also
the birthplace of Ludwig Erhardt and Henry Kissinger. But
the call of the hops proved strong, so we found ourselves
walking up from Plarrer along the old wall and moat to the
Bierfest. Schanzenbrau light and red organic beers called,
as did a curiosity - Skopsko Macedonian. The two lights
tasted similar, the Schanzenbrau a bit more acidy and the
Macedonian a bit sweeter. lili preferred the red, which
was relatively low in hops; I thought that just having a
mug in front of me was a great thing. Soon it was time to
return to Kuchlbauer, where lili enjoyed a Hefeweizen and
I a special bock "Aloysius," which was notable for the
unbridled strength of clove flavor that overbalanced
the usual banana fruitiness of the typical version.

And to the rotisserie booth, where we chatted with the
pitmaster (pictures apparently available somewhere on the
Internet) and had another pork sandwich; but this time in
addition to the fat and crunchies he gave us a pig cheek,
one of the most luxurious parts of the animal. A good
sandwich and enough for two non-Franconians.

Finally to the Magic Bar where Leonardo (not Leo, lili's
friend) served us a simple Sangiovese from Le Marche, of
which he, being an Italian, was inordinately proud.

I bade goodnight to my dear escort and went upstairs to
pack and nap. The alarm was unwelcome at 4.

A quick shower and I was out of there: 7 minutes to the
Frankenstadion, where one ticket machine was out of order
and the other dispensed my ticket only after about thirty
seconds of grinding and fussing, which made me think for
a bit that maybe my E1.90 had gone away forever. The train
showed up on time and dropped me off on time, but what I
thought was a U2 was a U21 (this doesn't waste any time
but is annoying). At the airport in the 0540 range. I
short-checked my bag so I could carryon on the domestic leg.

The security line was quite long but moved quickly.

I didn't set off the metal detector, but the guy took the
opportunity to give me a hand and then wand search; during
the former he took an unnecessary squeeze or two. The whole
thing, including the manual investigation of my genitals,
took about thirty interminable seconds. Apparently the
Germans are efficient in everything, even their perversions.

Looked for a Nurnberg knickknack for a friend - the best I
could come up with was a beer opener - then to the Senator
lounge next door, which was hopping with Paris, Hamburg, and
Frankfurt passengers. Cereals, breakfast breads, charcuterie
- the usual spread - were largely depleted by the time I
got there. I tried the Frapin Grande Champagne VS Luxe,
which despite its fancy name was a rather plain, rather
harsh Cognac with wood, raisin, and a few vanilla notes. For
calories I had a couple ounces of Kitzmann Edel-Pils, which
despite its fancy name was a characterless light beer with a
sour aspect but some hop aroma. To be fair, it was probably
the end of yesterday's cask.
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