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As brunch was at 1030, I passed on the free breakfast even
though I had been up at 0600 or so.

A few of us took the bus to the subway to the airport, where
we found ourselves quite early and so took a quick pre-tour
of the yuckier parts of the airport, which would no doubt
not be on the official tour. The shops, coffee kiosks, and
restrooms outside security are not really worthy of a major
airport (10th biggest in Germany, 2nd in Bavaria only to
MUC, according to this afternoon's guide).

At the Movenpick. As there was nothing else to do, we went
up on the observation deck for a while (gvdIAD, who has
sunburn issues, didn't) and then back through the Marche
and downstairs to the real restaurant, which still wasn't
quite open (they opened the buffet an hour early for us,
but I guess we were even earlier than that).

There was breakfast food and lunch food. We were encouraged
to start with breakfast, which I did. None of this cereal
stuff - I went for the protein and fat, mostly, ham and
various other cold cuts including a peculiar grainy but
good liverwurst. I leavened this with somewhat okay
tomatoes and a quite good croissant.

Cold table: dill-cured salmon (good), cauliflower salad
(okay but kind of tasteless, despite the currylike yellow
coloring), and mushroom salad (very nice, largely

totmode, always looking after me, reported that there was
a spicy pasta dish at the hot station. Melville, always
looking after me, said there was cheese in it. I decided
to check the situation out with the aid of lactase pills.

The pasta station had ziti two ways - with discs of white
asparagus in a cream sauce (pretty good, very mild, though),
or with ground beef, arugula, hot pepper, and Parmesan
shavings, a rather manly dish, what with all the protein
and all the hot pepper (this was also kind of good but
something such as I might make if I had half an hour to
cook, eat, and clean up).

And the Schauferle. Not so good as at the other two places,
partially because heat lamps are if anything less good for
food than chafing dishes and steam tables. The meat was on
the dry side, and its skin, for which I asked for an extra
helping, had the texture of breaking glass.

f0zzy recommended the cream of asparagus soup, so around
dessert time I had some; it was well flavored but a bit
salty for my taste.

Wurzberger dunkel was welcome with most of the things that
I'd eaten.

lili had taken a plate of fresh Bing cherries, but, eyes
larger than her stomach, left half of them, so I had these
for dessert. Others went for the famous Movenpick ice cream,
of which I heard good things.

When I went to pay, the cashier knew that I was the one who
had had the beer, interestingly. Probably someone said
"make sure the ancient mandarin pays for his drink."

Our airport tour began at 1 sharp at the employee security
checkpoint, which we passed and walked to one of the
festively colored airport buses. Our guide had long since
retired from the airport publicity office but loved his
job and his NUE so much that he volunteers to give people
tours. He's also a bit of a plane buff, commenting on the
identity of each aircraft as we passed it. H'm, he would
say, that looks like a 737-800, but it's the first one I've
seen without winglets ... . It was fun to see what we might
become in twenty or fifty years. His English was not so
good as that of our past guides, and I thought that maybe
the bilingual FTers sitting up front might be forthcoming
in assisting, but perhaps there's a protocol issue there
that I am not aware of.

Unfortunately, the security here was stricter than that at
Salzburg, and we stayed on the bus for the whole tour. This
had an advantage as well as disadvantages. Some of us looked
wistfully at the fire engines as we passed them (for
example). Then it was on to the onsite auto repair facility,
the Air Berlin luggage containers, and it seemed that some
of our chins were about to hit some of our chests, when it
was announced that we were cleared onto the taxiway (some
excitement), and then we were cleared onto the runway (much
elation). So we got the pilot's eye view, which is somewhere
on the Internet no doubt.
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