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Meantime, as we were hanging around the lobby before going
to the bus stop, we saw a couple of American tourists with
whom I'd had a chat before (Joe and Nancy, New Jerseyites
now resident in Florida) and, as they averred that they
were at loose ends for dinner, invited them to go out with
us, which they did. Nancy had just redeemed some ungodly
number of Delta miles for this trip, and we promised to set
them straight. Joe is an AA employee! but as they had had to
be at a certain place at a certain time, nonrevving was not
an option. The 44 bus and then the U-Bahn made getting
around a piece of cake. The Hilton apparently bills itself
as being close to the center of town, but in reality it's
pretty far out. On the other hand, the bus, which stops
almost right outside the front door, gets you to the
Hauptbahnhof in 15 minutes, and the train, a 7-minute walk
down the way, is even quicker.

f0zzy was a good shepherd and got us from the bus to the
subway with ease. We took the U-bahn one extra stop so we
could walk by the courtroom where the famous trials were
held, the closest we could get, as the building is being
renovated and is closed until 2010.

It's your typical Biergarten, with long shaded tables, jolly
waitresses, and loads of happy heavily drinking persons. The
weather was still warm, so we were happy outside at the long
Biergarten tables: there is inside seating, as well, but
it's not as "right" for the occasion.

I had a Lederer pils, quite hoppy and an eye-opener, then a
mild Krokos unfiltered, and then two house wines, Franconian
reds - a dry one that wasn't too bad: stemmy, brambly,
though a bit flat on the palate; then a halbtrocken that was
interesting in an objectionable way, with pineapple-tropical
notes that would have been more appropriate to a white and
a meaty gamy red-wine quality that warred with them.

Schauferle was good but not quite so tender and moist as at
Barfusser: a generous portion sided with your typical glue
dumpling; I also tasted Goulasch, quite good and oniony,
though suspiciously dark, and the famous local version of
Sauerbraten, which tasted as well as looking suspiciously
dark. A lot of this last went back to the kitchen from
several plates. I guess you had to grow up with it.

Baxter&Bessies' Mama claimed that Schauferle was really gnu
or Wildebeest or something like that. The serving did look
monumental and prehistoric, even the single, and I think she
split a double with somebody.

Kaiserschmarrn, a much-heralded dessert, turned out to be
cut-up buttery eggy pancakes with applesauce, fine enough
but certainly not worth the E9 for two (even if one serving
was quite sufficient for four or five - I tasted one bite,
and it was plenty for me).

The group broke up at dusk, most returning to their hotels
for a good night's meat coma.

The hard core walked down to the Yellow House (Gelbeshaus),
which has a weird small food menu and an impressive large
drink menu. As I hadn't had enough fat lately, I ordered
schmaltz with cracklings, a couple ounces of the artery-
clogging stuff, served with pickles and hot pepper to
cut the grease and brown Vollkornbrot to soak it up. I
enjoyed this, but the others at my table turned up their
delicate little noses at it. I asked for the Lustau
Moscatel Emilin, a bargain at E5; they were out of it of
course, so they came up with a semi-dry, rather thin
Sandeman's brown, which was no bargain at E5.

I guess were were not a hard hard core, as we wanted to
catch the last train, which we didn't. A taxi from the
Hauptbahnhof cost about E11, not extortionate.
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