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That Change will be $691, no $300, no $175

I had to make a change to a flight next week. No problem, I thought, just call the elite desk and they'll take care of it. I call them up and they tell me that it's going to be $691 (including change fee to make the change I want). Ouch. I hang up trying to figure out if there is another way to do this. I go online and try to make the change via continental.com. It offers to let me make the change for $300! Much better than $691, so I go ahead and try to make the change. I get all the way to the payment screen and it errors out. Wonderful, I think, it's not going to let me do it. I can co.com support expecting to argue with them that they need to honor the offered $300 change. The woman says that she's able to make the change for $175 total. Obviously I took it. I am seriously confused as to the massive differences in prices from the three outlets for the same thing. Perhaps if I had kept looking they would've eventally paid me to make the change...
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