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How have Frontier's Q400's been doing on the DEN<->ASE route in comparison to UA's RJ's? I've heard anecdotally that the RJ's have difficulty getting into ASE when winds are above a certain level, and I understand that the Q400's offer better performance. Has Frontier been beating UA in the cancellations department?
It depends on the weather. Getting into ASE often has a lot to do with timing, one day F9 might not see the runway and go home but UA might get lucky and vice-versa.

Getting out is a whole different story. I know of a few days when F9 has been delayed by deicing why UA has been delayed while braking action improves to accomodate the required performance for a rejected takeoff by the jets. On challenging days, a turboprop will usually beat a jet in a mountain airport.

As for the tailwind issues, the Q400 is superior than a CRJ. Weight restrictions come into play at higher temperatures and windspeeds when compared to the CRJ-700.

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Many, many thanks to all of you. Flyertalk is such an incredible resource.

I did notice that if I search the Frontier website for ASE-DEN flights, there are earlier flights out of Aspen that do NOT come up when trying to book a complete ASE-PHL itinerary. Are there any reasons for this?
It probably has to do with how Sabre is set up to handle the connecting flights. If you are thinking of buying a Classic or Classic Plus ticket, just call the reservation center and book through them, phone reservations are free at those "levels"

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And if we fly "Classic Plus," would there be any reason/restriction that would prohibit us from going to ASE earlier in the day and simply ask to be put on an earlier flight?
As long as there is availability on the earlier flight, then you will not have any problems changing your ticket at the Classic Plus level. Its a fully flexible, fully refundable ticket.


Like I mentioned, on a weather day, I can't imagine any additional fees being charged if you tried to get out on an earlier flight.

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