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Originally Posted by GregL View Post
Just to provide details on my experience. AA does NOT pre-clear in Dublin. Last week, my flight left out of D61 which is quite a hike from the EI lounge and then provides the added joy of a walk downstairs to the tarmac... over to the aircraft and then up the stairs to the plane.

The good news is that ORD immigration was DEAD. It took about five times longer walking through the maze of ropes than it did to go through immigration. With no bags, I was over in Terminal 3 in under 30 minutes from our arrival at the gate.

IIRC the D gates are supposedly the new LCT when al the other work will be finished, so airlines are being moved around the airport for next few years yet.

Yes it will be fun at Dublin in the winter as we make that journey out to AA93 through the lashing rain and wait on the stairs as folks take for ages to store their hand luggage, come to think of it could have been this summer in Dublin

Does anyone know what they do in these dark,dirty, wet days of winter- do they have some sort of bus or covered walkway? I don't recall seeing anything like that.

Message to Dublin airport, without majority of jetbridges to the aircraft, you will remain a 3rd world airport
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