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Originally Posted by caspritz78 View Post
BIMMERKID2 explained the process in a lot of detail. As the others said. Dual citizenship is something the German law doesn't permit. ....
The only Dual Citizenship I know of that is legal is a US-German citizenship. Before accepting the US citizenship you can file an application to keep your German citizenship but only if you still have ties to Germany. For example close family still living in Germany or working for a German company that needs you to travel a lot to Germany. You also loose your German citizenship if you take the US citizenship before your application is granted.
Originally Posted by soitgoes View Post
I find German citizenship laws exceedingly complicated, and I've given up understanding all of it, but I think that dual citizenship is tolerated in some cases where one is born with both. If you are naturalized, then it isn't allowed.
German law does allow dual citizenship under certain circumstances. For example if a child is born to German parents in a country where you get citizenship automatically upon birth (US, Australia etc.) the child will have two passports and doesn't need to decide which one to keep. (The situation is different for children born to foreign parents in Germany.)

The exception caspritz78 is referring to is not specific to US/German citizenship. There are plenty of dual citizens in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Brasil etc. etc.
Germany will allow you to obtain a second citizenship and keep your German passport if you have applied for a permission to keep you German passport before you apply for the foreign passport.
For this application to be approved, two conditions need to be met:
a) You need to prove that you still have links with Germany (house, family, employment, bank accounts, Frequent Flyer Program)
b) You need to prove why you need to get the foreign passport. In other words, why is a permanent residency or green card not good enough? Answers can be that you can not get scholarships only open to citizens, you can not get into certain jobs (customs, government, defense industry) etc. Just saying you want to be able to vote is not good enough.

There are quite a few countries which normally don't allow dual citizenship, China is another example. And there are more rules regarding German dual citizenship as Flying Lawyer has mentioned.
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