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Reports From the Forum

Are These the Most Well-Traveled Toddlers in the World?

Are These the Most Well-Traveled Toddlers in the World?
Joe Cortez

The FlyerTalk Forum is a pretty big place, so, when a particularly good piece of FlyerTalk comes across our desks, we put it on the front page for regular Reports From the Forum. Want to read more? Check out the Reports From the Forum tag, or head to the forum yourself to see what the FlyerTalk is about.

In the world’s most popular frequent flyer community, it’s not just the adults who know about the premium fare deals, tips on taking advantage of your spouse’s upgrade, and other intelligent points and miles moves that make it possible for you to make over-the-top vacation plans like a three-week trip of a lifetime while flying Emirates, Qatar and Singapore First Class. FlyerTalkers of all ages enjoy traveling the world in style. And that includes the toddlers.

When families get together, they often compare the achievements of their children in sports or academics. But when FlyerTalkers get together, they often compare one very different achievement of their children: who has the most miles and highest elite status in their frequent flyer account? In “Far Flung Toddlers,” one of the cutest and flyer 1%-est threads on FlyerTalk, the moms and dads of FlyerTalk are comparing the plane cred of their toddlers in a “modest moment of parental pride.”

So just how far have these little guys flown? Four-year-old bisnorav jr has over 4,000 Avios, 1,010 tier points, and 1,515 lifetime tier points in their British Airways account. Young bisnorav jr also has plans to fly to Singapore in January where they are prepared for a few complaints about toddlers in F. “He did consider going for gold, but has little interest in champagne,” bisonrav writes about bisonrav jr, “And feels that qualifying in October will get him gold for half a lifetime so is a better option.”

FlyerTalker Jed’s older son is also a (literal) FlyerTalker. “Our older son got his gold soon after his 4th birthday and has renewed since (coming up to seven now),” they write. “He got into full conversation with the ladies at the First Wing last week about the new guesting privileges for [Golden Guest List] and how he thinks Silvers get all the upgrades so that is where the sweet spot probably is.”

FlyerTalker YYCCL3’s child is also joining bisonrav jr in the status club. “My daughter’s first [British Airways] flight was on May 17, 2018. She hit gold on May 5, 2019,” they note. “She turned 4 later in May. Approximately 130,000 miles flown already in her life.“

It’s Not All About the Status

Why do the frequent fliers who frequent FlyerTalk encourage their children to collect airline miles, even though they aren’t old enough to fly unaccompanied? The “Far Flung Toddlers” post is in FlyerTalk’s British Airways’ form. And British Airways’ rewards program, the British Airways Executive Club, allows flyers to create a Household Account, allowing everyone in a household to pool their Avios. That means that when the little ones join their parents on their trips around the world, they earn miles, status, discounted flights and better seats that the entire family can share. And, British Airways isn’t the only airline that allows families to collect miles together. JetBlue, Frontier Airlines, Korean Air, All Nippon Airways and all three Middle East carriers allow families to pool the benefits of frequent flying.

But even when family miles aren’t on the line, forum members are still proud of the miles and status they collect together. FlyerTalker bambinomartino is one of them. “Bambino Jr.” has collected 122,000 miles and 82 segments across 40 airports at the age of six. His sister, “Bambina Jr.” is only 20 months old, but already has 40,000 miles and 30 segments from 20 different airports. Why so many? The FlyerTalker admits: “A lot of this is due to there not being too many direct routes from Edmonton International Airport (YEG).”

Not all of us had the early start on earning points and keeping elite status. FlyerTalker :D! laments about how they could have potentially joined the “swaddling with status” club if only their parents were better educated about frequent flyer programs. “I likely accumulated more flown miles than mini-bisonrav by the age of 4,” they note. “But my parents were not so clued-up, so my flights were all on the cheapest possible [economy] tickets, on a mixture of airlines earning lots of small amounts in many programs.”

FlyerTalk: Proudly grooming the next generation of points and miles enthusiasts.

How many miles have you flown with your family? Do any of your children have status? Share your family wins on the FlyerTalk Forums today!

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  1. patty canuck

    September 13, 2019 at 10:02 am

    Both of kids have been gold since 2 years old – now 11 and 9 – 40-50k per year – so 500k for the older one and under 400k for the younger – and that is a personal spend … :(

  2. Dublin_rfk

    September 17, 2019 at 6:26 am

    Children having accounts isn’t all that new but is actually pretty smart. Starting with brand loyalty and status doesn’t hurt. My children were/are infrequent flyers. Now with UA’s non-expiring mileage they’re more likely to get and keep their status.

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