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WestJet Promises “No Cattle Class” in Its New Advertisement

Canadian airline WestJet is promising “no cattle class” in their latest advertising campaign, in the most literal sense possible. Cattle are the stars of WestJet’s most recent web ad that promises that the low-cost carrier will “treat people like people.” 

WestJet’s newest ad campaign is aimed directly at budget fliers wishing for “greener pastures.” Titled “We treat people like people,” it stars bovine passengers at the airport who all wish for a better experience in the terminal. And, if you haven’t seen it, the cows are pretty cute, and when they moo with frustration over New Order’s Blue Monday over delayed flights, lost baggage and unpleasant customer service agents, it’s sure to hit pretty close to home for anyone who’s felt like they were treated like cattle when flying cattle class:

WestJet even featured a “behind the scenes” video to show how well the cows were treated in the making of the Cattle Class video. “Our airline has been built on one word: care,” explains WestJet vice president of marketing and communications Richard Bartrem in a behind-the-scenes video. “Filming with cows is no different and we took great care of them.”

What there wasn’t a lot of focus on was how WestJet’s economy product is different from the other low-cost-carriers and doesn’t deserve the nickname “cattle class.” The video does end with graphics that remind fliers that WestJet is “Canada’s most on-time airline,” “TripAdvisor’s Best Airline in Canada,” and an airline that doesn’t overbook. But should you fly the airline with the cute commercial about cattle class?


While the cattle are adorable, we recommend heading to the FlyerTalk forum on WestJet to make a decision that isn’t bovine-based. There, you can get a heads up on discounts, find out why some fliers choose Air Canada, ask questions like “why doesn’t upgrade spend doesn’t count as qualifying spend, or hear what very frequent WestJet fliers think of this cute commercial.


[Image: WestJet/YouTube]

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CZBB October 28, 2019

LOL, yet they own Swoop, who has a horrible reputation for exactly what they claim they aren't.

bart889 October 23, 2019

Who calls WestJet an ULCC? Their fares usually match AC, to the dollar. You might get the service of a ULCC, but you're paying flag carrier prices.