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Google Flights Can Save You Even More Money Now

For a long time, Google Flights has been the go-to for finding the cheapest airfare available—and now the platform has gotten even better, thanks to a new alert system that informs you when prices go down based on flexible travel days or when using a nearby airport could save you potentially lots of money.

Thanks to Google Flights, people have been finding the cheapest airfare possible for their upcoming trips based on when they’re going and from where. But now, the platform is even more intuitive—thanks to a new feature that will both alert users when prices will change based on flexible travel days and when using a nearby airport could save potentially a whole lot of money.

The update has already been rolled out to the entirety of the userbase of Google Flights. It works on a pop-up system. You’ll get a pop-up alert when the price could go down if you change your travel dates by a few days, and you’ll also get a pop-up alert when using a nearby airport (for example, flying into Milwaukee instead of Chicago, or flying to cities with more than one airport to choose from) will save you money.

Before you book, though, Travel + Leisure suggests making sure the new airport is feasible to travel to and travel from. If you’ve just saved a bundle on the airfare, you don’t want to recoup all of that cost in taxi charges to get to your destination that’s now slightly farther away than it was.


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Lampsaw November 9, 2019

I didn’t know it.

OZFLYER86 November 9, 2019

search engines are rarely or never ever the cheapest way to get from Australia to USA in peak season. We usually go to a snow wholesaler, who says something to the effect, that they buy up as many cheap seats as possible, before they are even loaded into CRSs, so all you are effectively searching through online is the leftovers.

Dr.Ells November 8, 2019

Yet another simplistic article from an insipid author. We already knew all this.