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Fly Business Class to Paris (From the U.S.) for Under $2,000

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FlyerTalkers based in Europe (or are already there) may have a great excuse to travel to the United States and back to Paris for a low price. FlyerTalker stephem found flights in Oneworld business class for under $2,000 per person, flying from Paris to various destinations.

The premium flight deal

Under the flight deal, many different Oneworld carrier combinations and flight origins are allowed. For Thursday departures, we found routes from Paris-Charles de Gaulle International Airport (CDG) and New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) for $1,165 per flyer, split between British Airways and American Airlines. That same route aboard all British Airways flights prices at $1,186 – only $20 more for an arguably better flight experience. When the flight deal was active, we found the discounted prices available for this flight only on Thursday departures starting Apr. 23, 2020, through the end of the year.

What about flights for longer distances? Discounted fares were also available between Paris and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) for around $1,568 per person in business class. Again, the itinerary may be split between carriers: One itinerary we found split travel between Finnair and American Airlines. For an all-British Airways itinerary, the price jumps to $1,632 for the same dates. Other FlyerTalkers said they found other pairings between Paris and the United States for a similar price, with additional routes available via Iberia from Paris Orly Airport (ORY).

Unfortunately, the converse fare isn’t available for those hoping to travel from the United States to Paris. However, we were able to find a low business class option aboard all-business class carrier La Compagnie. Flyers can travel nonstop from New York to Paris for as low as $1,793 per person, with limited availability.

Deciding which carrier to book

Flyers who are looking to pad their elite qualifying dollar and elite qualifying miles balances towards elite status are being very careful on who to book. Although Alaska Airlines is joining the Oneworld alliance, they aren’t a full member yet – meaning those looking for Mileage Plan MVP status need to book all British Airways flights to optimize points earning.

Luckily, original poster stephem offers this advice to flyers: “Want BA codes? Book with BritishAirways.com. Want American codes? Book at AA.com …etc.

Want exact flights? Build with ITA listing specific flights, then visit bookwithmatrix.com, and it will promptly send you to British Airways or American Airlines all packaged up with what you want.”

As with all premium fare deals, this one is subject to change without notice.

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clarkef April 2, 2020

I found a New York to Paris fare for 2k round trip in November

gsalem94122 March 5, 2020

I was confused by that as well! Actually, I did just book **US to Europe** for the Summer on Star Alliance. Open Jaw, but we return from Paris to Boston. It was $2500. Not quite the "under $2000." But I had specific cities and dates I had to have.

GetSetJetSet March 3, 2020

How do you title the article "Fly Business Class to Paris (From the U.S.) for Under $2,000" then in the article bury "Unfortunately, the converse fare isn’t available for those hoping to travel from the United States to Paris." So really we can fly from Paris to the U.S...