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Delta Reportedly Considers Adding 737 MAX to Fleet

Delta Air Lines could join their U.S. based competitors in operating the Boeing 737 MAX, reportedly considering an order of up to 100 airframes.
Among major U.S.-based carriers, Delta Air Lines is the only airline to not have a single Boeing 737 MAX in their systemwide fleet.


That could change as soon as April 2022, according to insiders at both companies. In an exclusive report, Reuters claims the Atlanta-based carrier could be eyeing an order for up to 100 737 MAX-10 aircraft.


737 MAX-10 Order Could be First for Boeing and Delta

Rumors of the troubled 737 MAX coming to Delta have been circling since 2020, when the Chicago-based aerospace giant was reportedly pitching completed surplus airframes to Delta. Nearly a year later, Delta announced they would instead increase their Airbus A321neo orders to 155 total, ensuring new deliveries through 2027.


However, the reported change from Delta could come as the aviation industry is seeing a faster domestic travel recovery than previously anticipated. In previous comments at a 2021 Airline Weekly webinar, Delta chief executive Ed Bastian noted that there could be a place for the 737 MAX if the carrier could “figure out how to bring them in.”


There are several hurdles that still need to be considered before a public announcement could be made. Insiders at both companies say Delta is interested in the 737 MAX-10, the largest variant of the narrowbody airframe. Boeing is currently working with regulators to get the type certified ahead of a 2023 rule change on cockpit safety alert standards, after the company was stripped of their ability to self-certify 787 Dreamliner aircraft.


If Delta moves forward with the order, the MAX airframes would complement the airline’s current fleet of 239 737-800 and 737-900ER aircraft. The carrier retired the last of their 737-700 airframes in 2020 on an accelerated timeline due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Neither Boeing nor Delta commented on the Reuters report.


Since Re-Certification, 737 MAX Sales Become Bright Spot for Boeing

The 737 MAX has seen wide adoption by U.S. and international carriers since the airframe was re-certified for operations in 2020. In 2021, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines and United Airlines all added more airframes to their current 737 MAX orders, while Allegiant Airlines surprised the aviation world by announcing a firm order for 50 737 MAX-8 airframes in early 2022.

AsiaTravel2019 March 28, 2022

Safest airplane in the sky with superior fuel economy. I can see why DL is considering placing an order. 

Aloha1 March 25, 2022

With all the failures of Boeing still in the news, if DL goes ahewad with this, I won't fly on any MAX jet.

BC Shelby March 24, 2022

Once again getting the "inapproprate words" block.  Anyone else get this or know why this keeps occurring?

strickerj March 22, 2022

I thought Delta had a falling out with Boeing and was more or less exclusively Airbus now. I wonder if they're serious or just angling for a better deal on A321s? Maintaining different fleets for similar use cases isn't ideal but was the result of their acquisition of Northwest.