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American Adds More Boeing 737 MAX Orders, Pushes Dreamliner Deliveries

With carriers anticipating an influx of pent-up travel demand, American Airlines is adding more Boeing 737 MAX-8 orders for delivery by 2024, while delaying Dreamliner arrivals.
With pent-up travel demand expected to begin recovering in 2022, American Airlines is getting ahead of the rush by adding more narrowbody aircraft to their fleet.


In a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Fort Worth-based airline announced they would add more Boeing 737 MAX-8 airframes to their existing order, while moving back certain 787-9 Dreamliner deliveries.


American Adds Up to 30 737 MAX Orders, With Aircraft Delivery Beginning in 2023

Under the agreement announced to investors and regulators, American declared they would add more 737 MAX aircraft to their original order from February 1, 2013. The first agreement called for up to 100 MAX-8 airframes for delivery between 2018 and 2023.


With the new orders, American will convert 23 options into firm orders for MAX-8 airframes, at an undisclosed price. In addition, the carrier intends to convert seven more options into hard orders by the end of the year. With a potential of 30 more aircraft, the company anticipates accepting 15 per year in 2023 and 2024.


Furthermore, the carrier will push up their delivery schedule for their previously ordered 787 Dreamliners. Instead of taking the new widebody aircraft starting in 2023, American will receive ther first 787-9 aircraft in the closing quarter of 2023. Four Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners will now go to the carrier in 2023, with the rest arriving by 2027.


Although neither party announced the price of the new airframes, the new orders will cost American at least $184 million through 2023. As a regulatory disclosure, the company said their full-year capital expenditures for 2022 was expected to increase from $2.631 billion to $2.669 billion (a difference of $38 million), while 2023 full-year capital expenditures are anticipated to jump to $2.86 billion from $2.631 billion – an increase of $146 million.


Orders Increase as More U.S. Carriers Express Faith in 737 MAX

The new orders come after three U.S.-based airlines expressed their faith in the troubled aircraft in 2021. United Airlines, Alaska Airlines and Southwest Airlines all added new firm orders for 737 MAX aircraft, with total orders exceeding 160 between the three carriers.

edgewood49 February 8, 2022

Asia_Major tell how you really feel about Boeing? I suggest you try that "byzantine" route you can book on AB or the new plane coming out of China. As an ex USAF driver I have no issues with the MAX nor BA.  

cmd320 February 8, 2022

Interesting choice for an airline who just a month ago was talking about how they lacked enough widebodies to operate their schedule...

asia_major February 7, 2022

I will never fly on a 737 MAX. Booking is getting more complicated as United rolls out more of them, but I'll choose whatever byzantine routing it takes, incur any delay that is needed, and switch carriers if I must, in order to avoid that fraught machine.

And to be honest, I don't have a high opinion of any plane rolling off Boeing's production line these days. I will always favor an Airbus plane over a Boeing plane. That's a big change from 30 years ago when Boeing was the unquestionable best.

[Weirdly, the site blocks me from using an uncontroversial 8 letter word that starts with the letter "a" and has the same meaning as "production".]

Dr.Ells February 4, 2022

Who else watched the “American Greed” episode about Boeing?
Good job, AA, at tanking your planes.
We’ll continue to fly the Friendly Skies, thanks very little!