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Alaska Airlines Finalizes Boeing 737 MAX Order

After announcing their commitment to the Boeing 737 MAX in December 2020, Alaska Airlines has finalized the number of airframes they will get in the future. The Seattle-based airline completed an agreement for an additional 23 737 MAX-9 aircraft, with options for 15 more.

Alaska Airlines has finalized their order for additional Boeing 737 MAX-9 airframes, after being among the first carriers to recommit to the troubled aircraft. In a press release, Boeing announced Alaska completed an agreement to take 23 more 737 MAX-9 aircraft, with 15 options.

Total Alaska Commitment to Boeing 737 MAX Grows to 120

Shortly after the 737 MAX received a new airworthiness directive from the Federal Aviation Administration, Alaska was among the first to put their name behind the aircraft. In November 2020, the company announced plans to add 13 additional Boeing 737 MAXs to their fleet, while selling 10 Airbus A320 aircraft inherited from their merger with Virgin America. The move was largely seen as a way for the airline to realign their fleet to be an all-Boeing airline once again.

One month later, Alaska first announced the order for the 23 new 737 MAX-9 aircraft. With the agreement completed, the airline will now officially have 68 orders for the airframe on the books.

The first 737 MAX-9 arrived to Alaska Airlines in January 2021, and began scheduled revenue service for the carrier on March 1, 2021. This was followed by their second MAX-9 entering service on March 18, with two more getting ready to join the fleet in the first full week of April 2021. The airline says the new airframes are part of their “fleet modernization program to further improve the efficiency and sustainability of its operations.” Once the additional MAX aircraft come online, Boeing claims Alaska will use 20 percent less fuel, while reducing emissions by 20 percent per seat.

Under the original agreement, Alaska will take delivery of nine more Boeing 737 MAX-9 this year. This will be followed by 30 aircraft in 2022, along with another 25 by the end of 2024.

Affirmed Order Second Good News for 737 MAX at End of March 2021

The announcement is the second major development for the aircraft to end the first quarter of 2020. Earlier, Southwest Airlines announced they would add 100 firm orders for the 737 MAX, bringing their commitment to over 600 airframes.