Why You Need to Read “Cockpit Confidential” (Sponsored)

Have you ever wondered which airline seats will ensure the smoothest ride? Which airports have the trickiest runways? The reasons behind the upright tray tables and seat backs? The truth behind airplane-related conspiracy theories?


Out with the Old, in with the New at JFK

Over at Kennedy Airport, rumors say that Eero Saarinen’s famous TWA “Flight Center” is about to become part of a hotel. Regarded as a modernist masterpiece, the Flight Center opened in 1962 and was the first major terminal built expressly for jet airliners. It is arguably the most architecturally significant airport terminal ever constructed. After…

As The Pundits Have it, Our Airlines Are Running out of Pilots. But is this True?

Word of a looming pilot shortage has been making headlines. The Wall Street Journal, National Public Radio and most of the major network news channels have carried the story. It’s amazing how the media can pick up and run with something, regardless of how unclear or inaccurate the premise is. What does “pilot shortage” really mean?…


There’s LUV at LGA: Landings and Towers

On July 22nd, a Southwest Airlines 737 suffered a collapse of its nose gear upon landing at La Guardia airport. Ten people were injured. Investigators are now alleging that the jet’s gear failed not because of a malfunction, but because the pilots managed to land nose-first, causing it to bend backwards, seriously damaging the gear…


Down & Out at the Yankee Clipper: My Favorite Airport Restaurant Has Hit the Skids

One of my favorite airport restaurants is the Yankee Clipper, found just off the rotunda of the Marine Air Terminal at La Guardia Airport. The Marine Air Terminal rotunda is one of the most special places in all of commercial aviation, and having a cool restaurant on hand is a great way to bring people…