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2 Amex-network cards [PenFed and American Express]?

I currently have the penfed amex card with MR points. Can apply and receive a amex PR gold card as well and the MR points i recive on this PR gold applied to my same MR account i have with the penfed amex card?
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Maybe I've missed something, but as I understand there is no PenFed card that gives MR points. That's an American Express (the company, not the card network) only scheme. PenFed gives Premium Travel Rewards, that are generally not considered as flexible as MR.
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I think you got your wires crossed. The PenFed Amex is not a "real" Amex card. It carries the Amex branding, but it's backed and issued by PenFed whereas the cards you find on Amex's website are backed and issued by Amex. Moreover, the PenFed rewards program is completely different and entirely separate from the Amex Membership Rewards (MR) program. You can't trade or combine points between those two programs.

However, you CAN have more than one card that participates in the MR program. I currently have the Platinum card and the Premier Rewards Gold (PRG) card. I think Amex would be perfectly happy giving me a couple more card should I want them.

There are currently about 20 different cards that are offered in both business and personal forms that are apart of the MR program at 3 different levels. Only 2 of the levels allow transfers to airline and hotel partners. To learn more about the different cards offered and about the different levels of MR check out Amex's website here.

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Thanks for the clarification. I guess i will apply for the pr gold card to get the 25k and transfer the points and churn the card later. The penfed card provides more points for my airline purchase and has lower yearly fee than tge pr gold.

Just wanted to understand the comment that tge penfed points are not as good as the mr points. Can someone provide more info?
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MR points aren't necessarily better than PenFed points. IMO MR points CAN be more valuable, but that depends on how you use them. If you're looking to book short domestic flights then the PenFed card may be the way to go since their points function like a cash equivalent and allow you to purchase any available ticket. On the other hand, if you're like me and want to do long haul first or business class though MR points are definitely superior because they can be transferred to several airlines' FF programs.
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