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jcwoman Mar 14, 12 2:14 pm

Questionable banner ad
So I clicked into the TS&S forum and the top banner ad contained questionable content. The headline proclaimed "Philipini Fiance/Wife?". I did not click on the ad, but here is the shortcut for it. I'm pretty sure FT doesn't want to get engaged in human trafficking!

IBobi Mar 14, 12 3:01 pm

Thank you -- we've reported the ad to Google, who served it.


lewisc Mar 28, 12 3:30 pm

How can you complain without knowing what service is being advertised? :confused:

I followed the link. It's a company which assists people in obtaining fiance or marriage visas. Their service is for customers (US citizens) who have a wife or fiance who lives in the Philippines and who want help starting a life in the United States.

I have no idea who many, if any, members of Flyertalk have need of their services. I don't know of any. However the service has nothing to do with human trafficking. There is absolutely no indication the service is anything but legal.

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