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IncredibleDeals Apr 18, 02 5:59 am

MCI Neighborhood Deal-has anyone looked into it?
I hope this is the correct forum to post this. On Monday MCI announced a new residential rate. 49.99 for unlimited local AND unlimited long distance- 24/7. In addition, there is free caller ID, call waiting, voicemail , dial8, etc.. Comments from anyone who has looked into this deal?? Thanks!!!

svpii Apr 18, 02 6:38 am

Actually, no - this is not the appropriate forum, this forum being specifically for: Discussion of the latest frequent flyer program buzz.

I would suggest Omni.

ScottC Apr 18, 02 6:44 am

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by svpii:
Actually, no - this is not the appropriate forum, this forum being specifically for: Discussion of the latest frequent flyer program buzz.

I would suggest Omni.
Sounds more like SPAM to me

svpii Apr 18, 02 7:02 am

Well, ScottC - I had the same initial reaction. But FT's version of "SPAM" requires some mention of miles or points..

I'm trying to give this poster the benefit of the doubt that he/she really is asking for feedback and NOT promoting a product.

Moderator2 Apr 18, 02 7:25 am

How about the "MCI" forum! We do have one.

Buzz & United Moderator
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singal3 Apr 18, 02 9:29 am

I'm really shocked by some peoples attitude. I feel like the poor guy was trying to get information out. As far as I understand you do get miles for spending money through mci. If you can funnel all the money from your local company to mci, its a great deal i would think.

audio-nut Apr 18, 02 8:28 pm

They are offering: Earn 2,000 miles after your first month in The Neighborhood - and another 1,000 after your second month. You also get 5 miles for every dollar spent.

I'm sure of you call you can get a better deal.

DH Apr 19, 02 10:01 am

Here's the link

------------------ Home of Tripple Dipping Online Shopping

Karen2 Apr 20, 02 1:23 pm

My neighborhood hasn't joined "THE NEIGHBORHOOD" yet, evidently. Don't you just hate that??! It would sure save me some mega-bucks. Thanks for the heads-up!

mileshound Apr 21, 02 6:52 pm

From the first look it may be a better deal. I need to run the numbers. Would you earn miles on the whole $50?

I personally think this is the right place for this. It has to do with MCI, miles from MCI, and new services.

Robyn Apr 24, 02 3:43 pm

I just signed up for The Neighborhood. Did it by phone. The rep said I would get 2000 bonus miles and 5 miles for every dollar of the $49.99 per month.

I've been with MCI for two years and have never had a problem getting UA miles.

This is a pretty good deal for local and unlimited long distance. I didn't have to call my local company to disconnect and I got to keep the same phone number.

(edited to correct typo)

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IncredibleDeals Apr 24, 02 7:44 pm

I signed up this morning for neighborhood complete ( unlimited local and long distance). The rep said there was a 5000 mile bonus for signing up and 5 miles per dollar spent each month (250 miles).

Tenacious Apr 24, 02 8:00 pm

When doing your analysis to see if this plan is right for you, I'm sure there will be the typical array of taxes applied which should amount to about another $10.

IncredibleDeals Apr 25, 02 5:00 pm

You are right about the taxes. I estimated at least $10 additional for taxes= $60. My unlimited local yada yada yada plan with verizon is about that with NO long distance and NO miles.

Tenacious Apr 25, 02 5:21 pm

Before you switch to this plan, read the posts on this FT thread about using MCI for local service. The savings are not great enough for me to take the chance. I'll stick with my combination of Verizon and

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