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Flyaway Jun 21, 99 11:45 am

Points to Marriott account
How long does it take after the ATT statement date, does it take for points to be reflected in the Marriott account?

wanderlust Jun 21, 99 1:25 pm

About 4 weeks. But it may never post if you don't investigate and do a little good-natured hounding. I usually find that someone somewhere messed up the account/posting/points/miles/name/account number/dates/ get the idea.

It's considered one of the seven signs to actually get what you expected without having to work for it. Cynical, I'll admit, but true non the less. I'd call and double check that all of your information is correct and listed, then monitor your accounts like a hawk for the next 4 weeks.


Catman Jun 21, 99 5:21 pm

My buddy wanderlust is right.

I had to call AT&T twice when I had to transfer over True Rewards (R.I.P!) to Marriott. I have a few remaining points I hope to transfer over.

But isn't it true that you should always watch ALL of your programs?


doc Jun 21, 99 9:19 pm

Ditto for Catman and wanderlust. For some reason the fastest transfer by far was to US Airways!

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