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scutfarcus Jan 28, 02 2:05 pm

Iceland Air - any partnerships?
Good Day! I would like to visit Iceland from the US, and Icelandair seems the obvious choice...but it looks to me as though they only have a FF arrangement with SAS! Tragic! Do you think it's possible to earn SAS miles and by some crazy method via SAS' Star Allaince with UAL, turn Icelandair miles into UAL miles?

kempis Jan 28, 02 3:55 pm

Flying Icelandair and earning UAL miles is impossible right now. You can earn SK EuroBonus points for flights with Icelandair but you cant convert EuroBonus points til UA Mileage plus.

If SAS joins the Hilton exchange program one day it could be possible but I cant see that happen in the near future.

and by the way Icelandair is your ONLY choice if you are intrested to visit Iceland.

Big Top Jan 28, 02 5:57 pm

I flew Icelandair to Reykjavik back in March and opened up an Aviators account with TWA for that purpose, which I then transferred into my AAdvantage account.
I'd check with AA to see if they've maintained TWA's former alliance with Icelandair.
Enjoy Iceland- it's a beautiful place!

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