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ChrisFlyer66 2018-04-26 20:31:19

(Wikipost) Billpay at Walmart(2017)

This is a new thread for 2017. The previous discussion can be found here.
The new thread for 2018 is here.

Bill Pay cannot be done at a regular register. BP must be done at Customer Service/Returns or at the Money Center in stores that have it.
WM offers two BP services: CheckFreePAY and MoneyGram. The cashier can initiate CheckFreePAY by selecting Money Services followed by Bill Pay on the register for a fee of $1-1.88. Moneygram is $4.99.
ONLY 4 successful debit card swipes can pay for a transaction. ONLY 5 payments per 16 digit account number per rolling 30 days.
CheckFreePay (800) 676-6148. - Look up payments using CC number and time of transaction

Standard BP- Once your CFP account is set up, you can add CC. When you want to BP give them your phone# to look up your account under Money Services. They often get confused and think you want MG, but just say it is under Money Services. Make sure you get 2 receipts, one from WM and a small one from CFP showing the CC# and Biller name you paid.

WM App - The Money Services works in express lane for BP, but has issues making 2 or more payments in a row. Make one BP, then come back or do another trans, then another BP to avoid issues. Make sure you get a BP receipt in the app and it shows the BP info and the CC you paid before leaving the store.

Some tips: If you don't get a receipt and they have to print you one, make sure the CC you paid appears on the printed receipt. If not on receipt, call CFP with the manager to verify there is no payment processing. They can cancel any transactions and pay you in cash right away. If they cancel the transaction and their cash drawer opens, that means they should pay you in cash, if it doesn't open, the money will probably return to your cards. Not sure what happens on the same day? Watch their drawer when they cancel the transaction to see if it opens. If they say the money will return to your DC, make sure to write down the managers name in case it doesn't.

BUSINESS DAY transaction completion time is 18:59:59 EST (Holidays change post day)
Friday after 06:59PM EST, until Monday BEFORE 07:00PM EST arrives Tuesday
Tuesday BEFORE 7:00PM arrives Wednesday
Wednesday BEFORE 07:00PM arrives Thursday
Thursday BEFORE 07:00PM arrives Friday
Friday BEFORE 07:00PM arrives Monday
But when a next-day payment will post and be visible depends upon the CC issuer.


:-:VISA and MC
If your particular card isn't on the list below, try "VISA" or "MASTERCARD."

"VISA" and "MASTERCARD" payee can no longer be found by search at some stores. If the employee can no longer find "VISA" or "MASTERCARD" by searching in CheckFreePAY, then you cannot pay either, end of story.

Following do not work:
Any and all Vanilla VISA, Vanilla MC, and OneVanilla VISA.
Glimcher VISA
$1.88 next day.
Bank of America Cash Rewards Business MC
Barclay (Arrival, US Airways) MC - Posts at 11PM EST, credit available 1AM EST
Chase Business Ink Bold MC
Citi AAdvantage (Platinum Select, Executive, Business) MC - Posts at 3AM EST (+1 day)
Citi ThankYou Preferred MC
CitiBusiness Platinum Select MC
Does not work:
Barclay Business US Airways MC - NOT PAYABLE - tried 2x
$1.88 next day.
Barclay Priceline VS
Chase (Amazon, Freedom, Sapphire Preferred, United, Slate) VS - Posts at 10PM EST
Chase Business Ink Bold VS
Citi (AAdvantage, Dividend, ThankYou Preferred) VS
FIA Fidelity VS
PNC CashBuilder VS
US Bank (Cash+, Club Carlson, Flexperks) VS
Wells Fargo Cashback VS
Does not work:
TD Bank VS - [Source]
Alliant Credit Union Cashback Visa Signature
:-:Issuing Bank

Discover - Use for all Discover network cards
$1.50 next day, $1.00 three days.

American Express AMEX cards(SPG, BC, BCE, BCP, etc) cannot be paid through CheckFreePAY. Some AMEX cards issued by other banks can be paid.

AMEX cards(SPG, BC, BCE, BCP, etc) can be paid using MoneyGram for $4.99

Barclay Listed under barclay - need biller zip - $1.50 next day, $1.00 three days

Bank of America Credit Cards - Use for BoA-issued and FIA-issued cards; will not work for BofA Small Business cards.
$1.50 next day, $1.00 three days. (Will require a ZIP but apparently yours will work as well as theirs, which is 19886)[INDENT]Works:
FIA Fidelity VS & MC
BoA Alaska Airlines Visa
Does not work:
FIA Fidelity AX - No longer working for FIA Amex
BofA Asiana Business card
Capital One
$1.50 next day.
Personal and business CCs
Citibank American Express - Use for Citi-issued AMEX cards
$1.50 next day, $1.00 three days.
Citi AAdvantage AMEX
PNC Bank - Use for PNC-issued Visa network cards
$1.50 next day, $1.00 three days.
PNC CashBuilder VS
Warning: Some users have reported being shutdown for using bill pay services.

For money order questions, check the following threads and their wiki posts:

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