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kanwal Apr 1, 14 3:03 pm

hello i am planning trip to paris, rome and zurich. i am canadian resident immigrant what type visa do i need

Yoshi212 Apr 1, 14 3:09 pm

When you say Canadian Resident Immigrant does that mean you have Canadian Citizenship & Passport?
Those 3 countries which are all part of the EU (or follow the rules of the EU) require no visas for tourism for up to 90 days travel every 180 days for Canadian Passport Holders.

Leopold Apr 1, 14 4:58 pm

Being a Canadian resident immigrant presents enough possible complications for the poster not to rely on what we say here. The poster needs individualized guidance.

nomii Apr 1, 14 6:13 pm

OP, go here:

Enter your Nationality (the passport you hold) and in Resident you can put Canada (assuming you hold a residency in canada and aren't there on just a work visa etc).

It will tell you exactly what you need. Most likely, your canadian residency is irrelevant - what is more important is the passport of the country you hold.

Leopold Apr 1, 14 7:38 pm

The danger is that Canada might not let the person back in. This can get insanely complicated (or not), which is why the poster should not rely on us or a generic visa website.

Leviticus Apr 2, 14 2:52 am

It seems as you are a Canadian permanent resident with foreign citizenship.

What country issued your passport?

That is the question that needs to be answered before anyone can offer reliable assistance.

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