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mitkoradia Aug 2, 18 1:21 am

UK Transit Visa Needed?
Hey Guys - would really appreciate some clarity here.

I am planning to travel from Mumbai to New York JFK via London Heathrow on Virgin Atlantic - Code Share with Jet Airways. The 2nd leg of the flight (LHR-JFK) is from a different terminal.

So basically I would be changing from Terminal 4 to Terminal 3, so would I need a transit visa? I have a valid B1/B2 US visa. Jet Airways wouldn't tell me if I need one and I can't seem to get through to the Virgin Atlantic customer care here in Mumbai.

MSPeconomist Aug 2, 18 1:29 am

IMO there really are at least two questions here:

Whether the British authorities will require a transit visa


Whether the airline(s) with which you check in in Mumbai will permit you to check in and board without a transit visa for the UK. It might matter whether VS, Jet Airways, or some airport contract staff are handling the flight departing from India. If you have a RT ticket, there's the same question regarding checking in and boarding the VS (?) flight from JFK to LHR, assuming the same routing in reverse.

L_D_M Aug 2, 18 1:40 am

I'm not aware of whether an airside transit is possible between T4 and T3 at LHR, but If you look at the UK Border control site, I think you're covered since you have a valid US visa.

B747-437B Aug 2, 18 2:14 am

You're fine. No DATV required. There is an airside transit bus as well.

Keyser Aug 2, 18 2:18 am

no need for a uk transit visa as long as you have a valid us visa....the transit between terminals will be by bus....just follow the signs at the airport....

deepism Aug 2, 18 4:57 am

As others have mentioned, it is not needed. I have used this combination few times and can confirm that.

mitkoradia Aug 2, 18 5:12 am

This is awesome. Thank you so much everyone :)

SeeBuyFly Aug 2, 18 10:54 am

The rule is, you need a transit visa (even though you are staying airside, and even though no one will check when you are at LHR) UNLESS you have a valid, current US visa. For example, on your return, if your US visa has expired you will need a UK transit visa.

No one will check at LHR, but the airlines are required to enforce the rules at boarding.

In an important matter like this, you should not trust random FT members, and you should not ask some random phone agent at Jet Airways. You should get your information directly from the relevant authorities. It is very easy to find the relevant web page:

B747-437B Aug 2, 18 1:42 pm

Originally Posted by SeeBuyFly (Post 30039624)
UNLESS you have a valid, current US visa.

Originally Posted by mitkoradia
I have a valid B1/B2 US visa.


SeeBuyFly Aug 2, 18 2:15 pm

Originally Posted by B747-437B (Post 30040391)

What's your point?

Originally Posted by SeeBuyFly (Post 30039624)
For example, on your return, if your US visa has expired you will need a UK transit visa.

Note that visa validity is not the same as I-94 validity (duration of permission to stay in the US). See, e.g.

B747-437B Aug 2, 18 3:01 pm

Originally Posted by SeeBuyFly (Post 30040526)
Note that visa validity is not the same as I-94 validity

It is also not the same as passport validity. Or library card validity for that matter.

His B1/B2 visa is valid and he is in direct transit from India TO the USA. Ergo, he does not need a transit visa for the UK. Everything else just confuses the issue.

flyer31 Aug 4, 18 11:19 am

I travel this route nearly every month and have a Indian passport.
like others have said I concur, no visa is required to transit in UK.
Safe travels.

nihit157 Aug 10, 18 6:10 am

My parents are did the exact routing yesterday without any hassles.... go ahead without any worries.

desi Aug 10, 18 8:46 am

Regarding points raised by SeeBuyFly:

1) As most people might already know, legality of ability to stay in US is governed by date stamped by immigration officer, US visa is useless once legal entry into US is completed. Now assuming situation where OP is returning from JFK to BOM via LHR before expiry of I-94 but after original visa has expired, does OP really need UK transit visa? (Doesnt make practical sense. What happens if UK denies transit visa. Wait until US forcefully deports you?)

2) IMHO, practical data-points from "random" people (neither Keyser nor B747 can be called random though :))) are LOT MORE useful and reliable than official web-sites from real world situation point of view. In fact, thats why most of us post queries here. (Trying to reach airline call centers and then trust their answer may not be advisable in such complicated issues)

quarryking Aug 25, 18 12:40 am

What about if one is headed to Canada from India, via LHR. Am presuming the same air side transit rules apply and one doesn't need a transit visa, since the traveller is holding a valid Canadian visa.

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