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jongar Jan 18, 01 4:13 pm

Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort {ARE}
Thinking of staying there on business for a couple of days at end of January - do they recognize gold status ???

ClassicalGal Feb 17, 01 3:25 am

I'd like to travel to Dubai at some point, probably not until next year. Has anyone stayed at any of the Hiltons there or have general impressions of/advice about Dubai?

stimpy Feb 17, 01 7:06 pm

I haven't stayed there, but I recall having lunch there once. It's a nice hotel as are all the hotels in that area, including the tallest and most luxurious hotel in the world, the Al Burjab Tower. The Jumeirah Beach hotel (formerly the Chicago Beach hotel) is pretty neat too.

Dubai is one of my favorite places. You get the middle east Arab flavor without any religious restrictions. It's a very open society, especially for foreigners. But the best thing is that most Americans are afraid to go there.

SanDiego1K Oct 6, 01 2:49 pm

I'm bring this thread back to the top, in hopes that current readers can offer experience. I'm currently considering the Hilton Jumeirah, the Sheraton, and the Emirates Towers for a December stay. I have comparable status in each hotel program; the Emirates Towers is not quite twice as much as the Hilton Jumeirah and the Sheraton.

Have you stayed at this hotel? Did you like it? How was the location for people on vacation? And if you are Hilton Gold, how were you treated?

jongar Oct 7, 01 10:36 pm

I attained Diamond just before going there. At checkin they called the manager to welcome me personally. He assistant will get hold of those nigily things if you need them, toothpaste, sandals, razor,prostitutes, hair gel. Saves you having to pack them - oh look at that word in the middle - is that true - well i didnt, but one gentlemen in the gulf suite had 3. The hotel was great and i could have spent a holiday there and not just the 3 days I had. If your a guy and your single, make sure you go to Hurricanes.


The Em Towers is amazing, had dinner there

tcswede Jul 1, 02 6:26 am

Hilton Dubai
Dear All,
after not finding anything on a search of the archive, I would like to query if anybody has stayed at the Hilton in Dubai / Jumeira Beach. What is the property like - Pool size - amenities / upgrades etc.

Any advice is appreciated.



senatorservice Jul 2, 02 3:11 am

I have stayed there twice (nov/dec 2000 + 2001). At that time I was a blue "VIP" but as I booked a executive room incl. lounge access an upgrade was not so important.
The Hotel is quite new ( I think it was opened in august 2000) and everything there is very nice !
The poolsize is ok (and the pool is never crowded) but of as the hotel is directly connected to the beach it is not so important in my opinion.

If you have further questions please do ask



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JAP Sep 1, 02 3:28 am

Dubai Hilton Questions ?
Wondered if anyone might be able to enlighten me ....

Trying to plan a HH award stay in Dubai - Jumeirah Beach for March 2003
- does this hilton typically have point-stretcher awards ?
- also, is it possible to confirm a room for 4 (2 couples) on an award stay ?


John P.

Wudy15 Sep 1, 02 4:57 pm

I too posted a topic about the Dubai Hilton with no replies.(Surely somebody has stayed there!!!) A mate and i are there in the first week in Dec(Dubai Rugby Sevens) If any FT'ers are going to be there let me know.



Wudy15 Sep 1, 02 5:01 pm

Forgot to mention yes we are staying on pointstretcher in December which i gather is peak season.

PS No points availability when calling res in Glasgow-put thru to Diamond desk who suddenly got me a PS for the same dates!!!


cardiology Sep 4, 02 11:36 pm

I will be staying in the hotel in early Dec using Pt stretcher points.
Will keep you posted after the stay.

I will also stay in the 6 star "sail" hotel Burj Al Arab Hotel

Cathay Marco Polo Gold, Hilton Gold VIP, Hyatt Gold Passport, Hertz Gold, PP Gold, AMEX Centurion

JAP Oct 10, 02 6:03 pm

Got a rate of 285 AED ($77!!!) per room.

Looks like too good a deal to pass up in March Booked 2 rooms - will use points for a more expensive location ....

cmhua777 Oct 10, 02 6:42 pm

The Hilton Dubai is small but brand new. It reminds me of the Buenos Aires Hilton in its design, a stainless steel decoration with a very modern facade and open areas. The Hilton itself is downtown and has only 2 restaurants if I recall, good and very expensive!
Dubai is small by most standards so if you are in the city for business or a short transit the Hilton is no better or worse location wise than any other hotel. If the price is high you may want to look elsewhere.

The Jumeriah beach Hilton is obviously in Jumeriah and obviously on the beach. Have never seen the hotel in person so I can't comment, but from word-of-mouth it is a very good property with average rooms but a great staff.

Tirreg Oct 11, 02 9:11 am

Jumeirah Beach Hilton is great for spending some days at the beach. They have a private beach club with a big pool area and all rooms have sea-view. As March is the best season for holidays in Dubai it might be difficult to get a room with point stretcher reward.

When I am in Dubai I usually stay in Downtown Dubai and use the complimentary shuttle to the beach. The Creek Hilton also offers a shuttle twice a day and this Hotel is really amazing. As the beach is about 40 km away from the city the restaurants are very expensive at Jumeirah Beach (Hilton).

LH Sen
Hilton Gold, *wood Gold

JAP Oct 16, 02 2:13 am

Email of Dubai Jumeirah Beach ?
Will be in Hilton Jumeirah Beach in Mar 03

(Got a GR8 rate of ~$77 per night !!)

Does anyone have the email address for HH or Diamond desk at the hotel, or GM ?

Wanted to ensure that they were aware of this VIP Diamond member !!


John P

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