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Term Definition
V Booking class - use varies depending upon airline
VBIT Vacation Bound Infrequent Traveler' a somewhat derogatory term which identifies a naive and infrequent traveler. Often identified by their wonderment of the security systems at airports, their propensity to look for the seat marking A-B-C and general uncertainly when boarding. Fact is, many us started the very same way.
VCR Virtual Coupon Record
VDB Voluntary denied boarding. More commonly known as a "bump". Most airlines offer $$$ travel credits or "VDB vouchers" in such instances.
VFF Very Frequent Flyer
VFR Rules under which pilots fly VMC.
VFR Visiting Family & Relatives
VGML Vegetarian Meal
VIPOW One-way complimentary systemwide upgrade certificate on American Airlines. Executive Platinum members receive eight such certificates each year that they attain/retain this highest level of elite status with American.
VIPR VisualIntermodalPrevention andResponse. Taking security screening to baffling new heights using strange techniques in places other than airports.
VMC Visual Meteorological Conditions
VR Vanilla Reload Pack
VRBO Vacation Rentals by Owner
VS Virgin Atlantic Airways
VX Virgin America