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Term Definition
N Booking class - use varies depending upon airline
N7 National Airlines
NA Need the segment specified or alternate segment immediately following confirmed segment.
NAMU North American Upgrade Certificate
NCW New Club World (Long haul business class)
neo or NEO New Engine Option, as on the A320-NEO AA has contracted for in the future
Nested ticket or itinerary Booking an itinerary between two cities and then booking one or more itineraries between the same cities that are "nested" between the original departure and return dates in order to achieve cost savings
NextGen Next Generation Air Transportation System (GPS Based) scheduled implementation 2012 - 2025
NFC Defined as 'Near Field Communication.' Essentially it refers to the "wave and pay" type credit cards as well as other things like chip enabled frequent flyer cards and even baggage tags location. Key to this is that the information exchange needs to be very local 4 cm or 1 1/2 inches to work.
NFL NoFlyList, a List which cannot be properly publicly defined, as the Flyertalk word censors and TOS prevent an accurate description, even in OMNI.
NGBC Next Generation Business Class
NGSA Next Generation Single Aisle
NH All Nippon Airways
NLL No Lifetime Language. For Amex credit and charge cards. no provision in the terms and conditions limiting applications to once (or other number) per lifetime.
NN Need.
NO No action taken.
NONSTOP A flight that does not stop en route. A nonstop flight is always direct, but a direct flight is not always nonstop.
NOOD NationalOpt-OutDay
North American Upgrade Certificate An upgrade certificate that all SkyMiles Medallion Elite members used to earn after flying 40,000 base miles per calendar year. This certificate no longer exists.
NoS Nude-o-Scope. A more descriptive, insulting replacement for WBI.
NOTAM NOTice to AirMen (voice or teletype information of interest to pilots)
NOTOC Notification to captain
NRPS Non-Revenue-Producing Space - Generally for UA employees or family flying on a free ticket. This is rather like standby seating.
NRPS More generally (worldwide) used as a "Non Revenue, Positive Space" ticket in that it allows a confirmed seat to be attached to the ticket, thus avoiding any standby procedures. Used for staff on Must Travel itineraries as well as for selected suppliers, vendors, and so on, for business purposes related to the airline itself. [It has this meaning on, at a minimum, DL, AA, AF, KL and VS]
NRSA Non-revenue space available. Used to describe much unpaid staff travel.
NSFU Not Suitable For Upgrade
NW Northwest Airlines
NZ Air New Zealand