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Term Definition
K Booking class - use varies depending upon airline
K-UP K class instant UpGrade
KA Dragonair
KE Korean Air
Kettle used on FT to describe inexperienced traveler
keyword_name keyword_description
KF Blue1
KHIAI A one quart zip top plastic bag made by the S. C. Johnson Company, having the magical powers of rendering 3.4 ounces or less quantities of high explosive dihydrogen monoxide into ordinary water as long as the zip top is securely closed.
Kiosk Self-Service Check-in Machine
Kip Hawley/Kip/The Kipster The Ex-Administrator of the TSA
Kippie Bag The magical plastic bag that turns exploding liquids into inert substances.
KK Now confirmed
KL Confirming from waitlist.
KL KLM-Royal Dutch Airlines
knot / kt / kn unit of speed, one nautical mile per hour (≈1.15 mph)
KSML Kosher Meal(not available on all flights)
KVS KVS Availability Tool- A downloadable tool, which provides access to real-time Flight Availability, Award/Upgrade Availability (including Award Availability on AA and all other OneWorld member carriers), Fares, Seat Maps, and more