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Term Definition
E Booking class - use varies depending upon airline
E+ United's "Economy Plus"
E- The remainder of the United Economy section after E+ rows
E-FARE A specialty discount fare offered exclusively through the Internet; usually does not accrue miles. To view a consolidated list of these types of fares from the major airlines,
e-Gate Dubai Airports fast track immigration facility for Skywards Gold and Silver card holders. Free for Gold card holders, 5,000 mile cost to Silvers. Linked to your frequent flyer card.
E-TICKET A "paperless" ticket which is processed electronically; often through an Internet purchase.
EARN/BURN Slang for mileage accrual and redemption.
EBP Exclusive to the SAS EuroBonus program, this is short for EuroBonus Pandion, the highest level elite.
EC Economy Comfort
ECAM Electronic Centralised Aircraft Monitor, same as EICAS, preferred Airbus version
eCredit Residual value of a non-refundable ticket that is cancelled. Can be applied towards purchase of another ticket for the same passenger.
EDCT (FAA) Estimated Departure Clearance Time
EEO Specific to the Marriott Rewards program - Electronic Elite Offer or Elite Exclusive offers
EF ExpertFlyer
EFIS Electronic Flight Instrument System
EI Aer Lingus
EICAS Engine Indicating and Crew Alerting System (heart of the "glass cockpit") same as ECAM
EK Emirates
ELECTRONIC UPGRADES (EGR) "Paperless" upgrades transacted solely through computers.
ELITE LEVEL Additional benefits for members attaining thresholds of accrued miles or points. Elite-level membership usually allows travelers to accrue miles or points faster, provides special perks and grants special airplane seating or hotel accommodations.
ELITE-LEVEL BONUS Miles earned in addition to actual mileage as a benefit of being an elite-level member.
ELITE-LEVEL UPGRADE Upgrade to higher class of service available through membership in an elite level of a program.
EMB Embraer
Emerald Oneworld status tier - the highest tier positioned above Sapphire and Ruby
EMPLOYEE CLASS Ironic term used by some fliers for First and Business class cabins.
EMR Electromagnetic Radiation; some people suspect EMR is harmful at high altitudes; a controversial subject
ENHANCED A term used in a derisory fashion for benefits REMOVED by an airline, dressed up in a PR spin as an "enhancement" to the program.
ENROLLMENT BONUS A specific amount of miles awarded upon first becoming a member of a program.
EOS End Of Service
EP AAdvantage Executive Platinum(also EXP)
EQM Elite Qualifying Miles - Many programs allow members to earn miles from a variety of activities, but generally, only miles earned through designated activities count toward the achievement of elite status. See also "Q Miles" and "Status Miles".
EQP Elite Qualifying Point(alternative point credit used to determine elite status)
EQS Elite Qualifying Segment(alternative flight segment credit used to determine elite status)
ERJ EmbraerRegionalJet - Plane Manufacturer - bmi has the ERJ-135 & 145
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
ETD Estimated Time of Departure
ETD ExplosiveTraceDetection (aka "sniffer")
ETOPS Extended-range Twin-engine Operational Performance Standards
ETP ExplosiveTracePortal (aka "puffer")
EUA Continental and Northwest's Elite Upgrade Automation, which automatically upgrades elites to first class if seats are available.
EUG Electronic upgrades.
eUPG Electronic Upgrade
EVIP Refers to one-way, systemwide upgrades given to AA Executive Platinum elites. Eight such upgrades are "given" upon reaching Executive Platinum status.
ex- A prefix (e.g. ex-ORD) indicating the airport or city a passenger originally departed from.
Ex-Gulf/Asiana The uncomfortable version of the international Boeing 763ER aircraft.
EXP Executive Platinum on American AAdvantage.
EXP line Dedicated help desk for Executive Platinum flyers
EXPEDITED AWARDS Service offered by many programs for an additional cost; expedited awards allow members to accelerate processing and delivery of award tickets or certificates. Often the requested award is delivered within 24 hours.
Exxx Embraer