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Term Definition
B Booking class - use varies depending upon airline
B+ bmi Diamond Club Blue Plus
B, M, & K Fare Basis codes
B6 Jetblue Airways
BA British Airways
Back-to-back ticketing See: "Nested ticketing"
BAEC British Airways Executive Club
BAHT RUN Originally this term referred to a specific mileage run opportunity in Thailand. Over time though, it's meaning has expanded, and now some people use Baht Run when referring to any exceptionally valuable and efficient mileage run opportunity.
Base Miles See "BIS" - miles flown and upon which your MM, EQ, bonus etc. miles are calculated
BB Blue Bird
BC Business Class
BD British Midland
BDO Behavior Detection Officer aka SPOTnik
BE Business Elite; often used to distinguish between true Business Class service and domestic flights coded as Business (which are really standard domestic FC service, but are marketed as Business because they are a continuation of an int'l flight)
BETWEEN (vs. TO/FROM) In determining routing for accrual or award travel, "between" indicates that travel may originate on either end of a route. For example, a roundtrip award that allows travel between Mexico and the U.S. means that travel can originate in either the U.S. or Mexico. Conversely, roundtrip travel to Mexico from the U.S. means that travel is restricted and must originate and terminate in the U.S.
BIS Butt in Seat. Butt-In-Seat Miles refers to miles that you actually fly in a seat on a given trip, compared to miles that you earn for flying with added elite bonuses, promotions, or other various modifiers to the flight mileage.
bistro bag coach bag lunches retrieved from carts upon boarding (obsolete)
BizElite Business Elite
BK Holds confirmed teletype. Sent only if canceled.
BL Holds waitlist teletype. Sent only if canceled.
BLACKOUT DATES Certain days during high-traffic seasons and holidays when airline and hotel-award travel is restricted or not available. Introduced in 1989, blackout dates help protect travel dates when the airlines have the most revenue to gain. For instance, blackout dates for some international partners extend all summer long.
BlingAir What some people on the BA board call Emirates
BMED Refers to aircraft that bmi inherited after the buyout of BMED (former BA franchisee)
Board Room Alaska Airlines Membership Airport Lounge
BOARDING PASS Authorization to board a plane; often required as proof of flight taken when claiming missing credit.
BOB Meals and snacks that you may Buy On Board
BOGO / BOGOF Buy One Get One Free
BONUS Miles accrued in excess of the actual mileage, which can include special promotions, class of service and elite-level allocations of extra miles.
booking / fare class inventory class into which a reservation is booked
BP Boarding Pass
BR EVA Airways
BRG Best Rate Guarantee
BRT The long running "Brooklyn Reality Tour." Local neighborhood guide and friend of all frequent flyers, dhammer53, has hosted this almost annual event to the haunts of his youth in the Brooklyn neighborhoods. From Coney Island to the frequent stops for local foods and deserts, this has always been popular when offered.
BSO Baggage Service Operations
BT Bulk Ticket
BTW Internet lingo meaning "By The Way"
BULKHEAD SEATS A bulkhead is a dividing wall in an airplane that separates one section from another. The bulkhead seats are those placed immediately behind this divider. Bulkhead seats generally provide added legroom, but they also tend to offer less storage capacity, as there is no seat in front under which carryon luggage can be stowed.
BUMPING On full flights, the practice of removing a confirmed passenger to make room for a passenger with higher priority.
Business First A standard domestic first class cabin which is marketed as business class because it is either a continuation of an international flight, or a flight to nearby countries.
BUSINESS RENTAL When a traveler pays corporate rates for a car rental, and thereby accrues a different amount of miles than for a leisure rate.
BW BWIA West Indies Airways
BXR  Backscatter X-Ray. An electronic strip search machine that gives off more radiation than MMW.