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(S)RB (Sir) Richard Branson
*A the acronym stands for the Star Alliance.
*G Star Alliance Gold - Star Alliance status extended to 1Ps and 1Ks (BD*G Diamond Club Gold)
*S Star Alliance Silver - Star Alliance status extended to 2Ps and 3Ps (BD*S Diamond Club Silver)
*W Starwood
-lite A member that obtains a status level through promotions
1K United Mileage Plus Premier Executive 1K status. Awarded to members who fly 100,000 actual miles or 100 paid segments AND $12,000 of qualified spending.
1P Premier Executive - 50,000 miles or 60 segments in a calendar year
2K, 3K, etc. A less formal term to indicate those that have received 200,000 or 300,000 EQM in a year or 200 or 300 EQS in a year.
2P Premier - 25000 miles or 30 segments in a calendar year
3P Premier Associate - Generally awarded by higher-status MP members as a result of a promotion by UA
3xx or A3xx Airbus
4P Four Point by Sheraton
500-miler Upgrades 500 miles of a segment. You must have enough to cover the entire segment. You get 50 miles of leeway.
55k+ bmi -Once a BD*G has achieved 55,000 status miles additional miles are converted to destination miles to maximum of 250,000 miles.
744 747-400
7xx Boeing
A Booking class - use varies depending upon airline
A&M Avios & Money (formerly known as Part Cash Part Miles)
A3 Aegean Airlines
AA American Airlines
Aangels complimentary term for Admirals Club agents
AATMS Advanced Air Traffic Management System
AC Air Canada OR Aircraft (also Heavy AC Very large aircraft, such as the 747, 767 and 777) OR Admiral's Club (American Airlines)
ACARS Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System
ACAS Airborne Collision Avoidance System
ACCRUAL The accumulation of frequent traveler program miles and points through actual travel, partner bonuses and special promotions.
ACMI Aircraft lease with Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance
ACTUAL MILES The physical distance that a flight covers. When calculating actual miles, class of service, elite-level status and other bonuses are not included. To view the airmile distance between airports, visit http
AD Airworthiness Directive, an FAA rule regarding specific aircraft safety issues
ADC Air Data Computer
ADS Automatic Dependant Surveillance, advanced GPS based navigation system
ADT Adult Passenger
AF Air France
AFAIK Internet lingo meaning "As Far As I Know"
AFFINITY CARD Credit or charge cards in partnership with a particular airline or hotel frequent travel program. Charges to the card earn miles or points, which either accrue directly into the associated program or can be transferred into it.
AFS American Flagship Service
aft rear of aircraft
AFTN Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network
AG AAdvantage Gold(also GLD)
AGR Amtrak Guest Rewards
AHRS Attitude and Heading Reference Systems
AIRPORT ACCESS FEE The fee paid to an airport by a car rental company for the privilege of operating its vans and buses within the airport facilities. This fee is usually passed on to the renter.
AIRPORT CODE A three-letter code used to identify an airport. Example DEN = Denver International Airport.
Airport Code Can be IATA 3 letter code or 4 letter ICAO code (Rome Da Vinci International Airport at Fiumicino is both FCO and LIRF. ICAO codes are used by air traffic control and for airports that do not have 3 letter IATA codes (used by airlines and most FlyerTalkers)
AIT AdvancedImagingTechnology. Used instead of the older term "WBI" because too many people realized that "whole body imaging" meant they could see your whole body.
ALLIANCE A group of airlines that allow frequent flyer program members to earn miles or points and enjoy special benefits when flying with any participating airline. The miles or points can, in turn, be used for an award ticket on any of the alliance airlines.
AM Aeromexico
Amadeus Ticketing IT system used by bmi and many others
AMENITY KIT The small toiletry packs most airlines offer International Business and First Class passengers.
American Eagle Provides regional jet service on the West Coast with Los Angeles as its hub for Delta Air Lines.
ANA All Nippon Airways
ANA Tool ANA's FFP website which allows you to check reward inventory for most *A airlines (detail & guide)
AONE oneworld explorer ticket in First
AOR for app-o-rama, which is applying for a bunch of card offers in a short burst of time or "app-o-rama" spelled out.
APEX Advance Purchase Excursion fares, usually the lowest available. Must be purchased in advance (usually 7-30 days) and include stay restrictions.
APOLLO Electronic reservations system used by many airlines and travel agents.
AQ Aloha Airlines
ARINC Aeronautical Radio, Inc.
ARTCC Air Route Traffic Control Center (Area Control Centre outside of USA)
AS Alaska Airlines
ASA Atlantic Southeast Airlines.
ASM Available Seat Mile
ASR Advance Seat Reservation / Airport Surveillance Radar
ATB Automated ticket/boarding pass. An electronically generated ticket which also includes the boarding pass.
ATC Air Traffic Control
ATI Anti-Trust Immunity
Atlantic Southeast Airlines An Atlanta-based regional subsidiary of Delta Air Lines once wholly owned by Delta Air Lines.
ATO Airport Ticket Office
ATPCO Airline Tariff Publishing Company
AUCTION An award sale through which program members use their miles to bid against each other for a one-time only award that often involves attending special events or meeting famous people.
AVIATION TRUST FUND A federal reserve of tax monies levied on airline tickets and operations and set aside to improve the U.S. air transportation system.
AVML Asian/Hindu vegetarian: a meat-free, spicy meal. Does not contain fish, shellfish, meat, poultry or eggs, available on all BA longhaul flights and short route in business class
AVOD Audio and Video On Demand
AWARD Free airline ticket, hotel stay or night, car rental, merchandise, traveler's check or gift certificate. Depending on the program, awards may be tickets or certificates that must be redeemed at ticket counters, hotel front desks, car rental desks or specific merchandise outlets. The latest form of award redemption is through program Web sites.
AY Finnair
AZ Alitalia
B Booking class - use varies depending upon airline
B+ bmi Diamond Club Blue Plus
B, M, & K Fare Basis codes
B6 Jetblue Airways
BA British Airways
Back-to-back ticketing See: "Nested ticketing"
BAEC British Airways Executive Club
BAHT RUN Originally this term referred to a specific mileage run opportunity in Thailand. Over time though, it's meaning has expanded, and now some people use Baht Run when referring to any exceptionally valuable and efficient mileage run opportunity.
Base Miles See "BIS" - miles flown and upon which your MM, EQ, bonus etc. miles are calculated
BB Blue Bird
BC Business Class
BD British Midland
BDO BehaviorDetectionOfficer aka SPOTnik
BE Business Elite; often used to distinguish between true Business Class service and domestic flights coded as Business (which are really standard domestic FC service, but are marketed as Business because they are a continuation of an int'l flight)
BETWEEN (vs. TO/FROM) In determining routing for accrual or award travel, "between" indicates that travel may originate on either end of a route. For example, a roundtrip award that allows travel between Mexico and the U.S. means that travel can originate in either the U.S. or Mexico. Conversely, roundtrip travel to Mexico from the U.S. means that travel is restricted and must originate and terminate in the U.S.
BIS Butt in Seat. Butt-In-Seat Miles refers to miles that you actually fly in a seat on a given trip, compared to miles that you earn for flying with added elite bonuses, promotions, or other various modifiers to the flight mileage.
bistro bag coach bag lunches retrieved from carts upon boarding (obsolete)
BizElite Business Elite
BK Holds confirmed teletype. Sent only if canceled.
BL Holds waitlist teletype. Sent only if canceled.
BLACKOUT DATES Certain days during high-traffic seasons and holidays when airline and hotel-award travel is restricted or not available. Introduced in 1989, blackout dates help protect travel dates when the airlines have the most revenue to gain. For instance, blackout dates for some international partners extend all summer long.
BlingAir What some people on the BA board call Emirates
BMED Refers to aircraft that bmi inherited after the buyout of BMED (former BA franchisee)
Board Room Alaska Airlines Membership Airport Lounge
BOARDING PASS Authorization to board a plane; often required as proof of flight taken when claiming missing credit.
BOB Meals and snacks that you mayBuyOnBoard
BOGO / BOGOF Buy One Get One Free
BONUS Miles accrued in excess of the actual mileage, which can include special promotions, class of service and elite-level allocations of extra miles.
booking / fare class inventory classinto which a reservation is booked
BP Boarding Pass
BR EVA Airways
BRG Best Rate Guarantee
BRT The long running "Brooklyn Reality Tour." Local neighborhood guide and friend of all frequent flyers, dhammer53, has hosted this almost annual event to the haunts of his youth in the Brooklyn neighborhoods. From Coney Island to the frequent stops for local foods and deserts, this has always been popular when offered.
BSO Baggage Service Operations
BT Bulk Ticket
BTW Internet lingo meaning "By The Way"
BULKHEAD SEATS A bulkhead is a dividing wall in an airplane that separates one section from another. The bulkhead seats are those placed immediately behind this divider. Bulkhead seats generally provide added legroom, but they also tend to offer less storage capacity, as there is no seat in front under which carryon luggage can be stowed.
BUMPING On full flights, the practice of removing a confirmed passenger to make room for a passenger with higher priority.
Business First A standard domestic first class cabin which is marketed as business class because it is either a continuation of an international flight, or a flight to nearby countries.
BUSINESS RENTAL When a traveler pays corporate rates for a car rental, and thereby accrues a different amount of miles than for a leisure rate.
BW BWIA West Indies Airways
BXR BackscatterX-Ray. An electronic strip search machine that gives off more radiation than MMW.
C Booking class - use varies depending upon airline
C&M Cash & Miles (Mileage Redemption)
C01 C17 Child passenger and age code
C1 CapitalOne or Capital One
CA Air China
CAPACITY CONTROLS The process airlines, hotels and car rental agencies use to allocate awards depending on actual vs. anticipated demand. Capacity controls are intended to control the economics of frequent flyer programs.
CAS Crew Alerting System (in aircraft cockpit)
CASM Cost per Available Seat Mile
CATSA CanadianAirTransportSecurityAuthority
CB Cumulonimbus clouds
CBP Customs andBorderProtection. Border patrol and customs/immigration officers at ports of entry.
CC Credit Card
CCR Concorde Room
CE Club Europe (Short haul business class)
CERTIFICATE An award voucher, which a member must present to the redeeming company, such as a car rental company or hotel, or must exchange for an airline ticket.
CFC Same Day Confirmed Flight Change
Chautauqua Airlines An Orlando-based regional subsidiary of Delta Air Lines.
Cheatline the colored line often extending down the fuselage or an aircraft
CHECK-IN To confirm intent to board a previously booked flight by showing a ticket to an airline representative either at the ticket counter, curbside baggage check-in or departure gate.
Churn Refers to applying for a given credit card repeatedly to get the same sign-up bonus multiple times, or to applying for different credit cards one after another to get sign-up bonuses that add up. By extension, it could also mean doing anything that earns points/miles repeatedly.
CI China Airlines
CIP Cabin Improvement Program (Refitting an aircraft cabin with updated seats, etc.)
CIR Circle Pacific, class precedes, MPM follows, e.g. DCIR22
Circle Pacific a discounted oneworld product allowing that routing
City Pairs Airports considered the same for fare construction purposes
CL Credit Limit
CLASS OF SERVICE BONUS Many airlines add 50% or 100% or more extra miles to your account when flying in paid Business or First Class.
CLASS OF SERVICE/TRAVEL Usually refers to airline travel; indicates the level of travel, size of seat and surrounding area, cabin position and amenities offered. Generally first class (F), business class (C) and coach (Y).
CLI Credit Limit Increase
CMT Check My Trip
CO Continental Airlines
Co-terminals Airports considered the samefor standby and similar procedures
CoC ContractofCarriage
COCB Carry Over Carry Back
CODESHARING When one airline provides connecting service under another carrier's name. Both airlines' codes appear in reservation systems and on tickets. Codeshare flights often accrue mileage.
Comair British Airlines franchisee based in South Africa
COMMON CARRIER Any company engaged in the transport of people or goods for profit.
COMPANION TICKET A free or discounted ticket for another person flying with a traveler who has purchased a ticket.
ConciergeKey / CK Invitation-onlypremium servicefor the most valued AA customers
CONFIRMATION An oral or written acknowledgment of a booking, subject to certain conditions.
CONFIRMED UPGRADE Guarantees an upgrade to a higher class of service prior to travel.
CONGA LINE A Conga Line is a thread in which members help each other by lending their referrals for a select promotion. Most promotions that offer a bonus for referring a friend will have a corresponding Conga Line thread.
CONNECTION Changing to a different airplane en route to the final destination. Actual mileage, connection bonuses and segment promotion credits are earned only if the connecting flight number is different from the originating flight number.
CONSOLIDATED MILEAGE MANAGERS A service provided by a variety of travel- and financial-related Internet companies whereby miles and points accrued in several programs are listed in one account statement.
CONUS Continental United States (contiguous 48 states)
COS Class Of Service(referring to cabin service class)
COS CustomerOfSize a.k.a. Person Of Size
CP Companion Pass
CP or C/P Security Checkpoint
CPM Cost Per Mile
CPMQM "Cost per MQM" or "Cents per MQM", used by mileage runners to determine how good of a deal a Mileage Run is.
CPU Complementary Premier Upgrades
CR Credit Report
CR-1 United's confirmable North American upgrade certificates, good for travel within the 49 United States, the Caribbean, Canada or Mexico. This upgrade is not valid on flights to/from Hawaii, except when member is a resident of Hawaii. You may use Confirmed Systemwide Upgrades anywhere United flies.
CR7/CR9 Larger Canadair Regional Jets that have F cabins
CRC Crown Room Club -- the airport lounge program for Delta Air Lines.
CRJ Canadair Regional Jet
CRM Crew Resource Management / Cockpit Resource Management (cockpit crew collaboration process)
CRS A Computerized Reservation System. It is any of several proprietary computer systems allowing real-time access to airline fares, schedules, and seating availability and offering the capability of booking reservations and generating tickets.
CS Short for Customer Service. Add an "A" or an "R" and you've got Customer Service Agent or Customer Service Rep.
CS25 / CS 50 / etc. Discount certificates (Type A) that are given to customers as a customer service.
CSA Customer Service Agent
CSD Cabin Service Director
CSM Cabin Service Manager
CSR Customer Service Representative
CTOs Acronym for City Ticket Office. These ticketing offices for airlines are not located at airports and are not directly associated with a travel agency. They are directly sponsored by the airline itself.
CW Club Word (Long haul business class)
CX Cathay Pacific Airways
CZ China Southern Airlines
D Booking class - use varies depending upon airline
DAL Some FlyerTalk members refer to Delta Air Lines based on the official New York Stock Exchange ticker symbol assigned to its stock.
DBC Denied Boarding Compensation
DBML Diabetic Meal(not available on all flights)
DC Diamond club
DC9 McDonnell Douglas DC-9
DELFT HOUSES Small Bols filled Delft pottery row houses offered by KLM to International business passengers since 1952. There are 83 in the set. KLM has an active trading mart for these on their website.
Deltalina Katherine Lee, the flight attendent in the safety video
DEQM Double Elite Qualifying Miles - A UA promotion where double the usual number of EQMs are awarded.
DEQS Elite Qualifying Segments - A UA promotion where double the usual number of EQSs are awarded.
DFS Duty Free Shopping (also name of global duty free shops chain)
DFSD DeputyFederalSecurityDirector
DHG Diamond Hat Guy
DHS Department of Homeland Security (U.S.)
DIRECT FLIGHT This is a tricky one. The term "direct flight" can actually be applied to any routing that maintains the same flight number throughout the entire course of the routing, even if the routing contains enroute stops or requires a change of airplane. Strange but true.
Direct Flight A flight that is sold as A->C but in reality is A->B B->C. Buyer beware!
DJ Virgin Blue
DL Delta Air Lines
DM Delta Diamond medallion, for members with at least 125,000 MQM's or 140 segments
DM Departure Management Waitlist. Generally goes into effect around four hours before flight departure. All folks still on the PA/PB/PD waitlist are put on the DM and sorted by status, then fare basis, and then time added. As you check-in, you are formally added to the DM, so checking in earlier is better.
DM List Departure Management list. Used by airlines at gate to determine and allocate upgrades.
DO (or DOO) A widely used term for large get togethers/parties/meetups. In general the term is reserved for larger gatherings of 12 of more members.
DONE Oneworld explorer ticket in Business
Donington bmi HQ, Donington, Derbyshire, England
DOT Department of Transportation (U.S.)
DOUBLE DIP When a partner hotel stay or flight accrues miles or points into a member's accounts with both partners.
Double upgrade The rare occurence where you are booked in Y, and find a way to upgrade to C and then again (almost always via op-up) to F/P. A rare but happy occurrence!
Downgrade When a passenger who was upgraded is told that they are no longer upgraded (or they find out at the gate about it) because of either a plane switch (so less upgradable seats) or other factors. Affected passengers are due a downgrade kit, and the contents of this can be searched out on FT as well.
DP Data Point
Drink Chits A coupon valid for one free (or prepaid) alcoholic beverage on that airline's flight. In the case of United Airlines, the coupon may be valid in a Red Carpet Club airport lounge instead of during a flight.
DS Deferred segment, open segment. No message sent.
DSR PALL Listcode for passenger desiring to purchase next higher class of service
DXB Airport code for Dubai International Airport
DYKWIA Acronym - Do/Don't You Know Who I Am?
DYKWIA Do You Know Who I Am?
DYWTFT "Do you want to fly today?"
E Booking class - use varies depending upon airline
E+ United's "Economy Plus"
E- The remainder of the United Economy section after E+ rows
E-FARE A specialty discount fare offered exclusively through the Internet; usually does not accrue miles. To view a consolidated list of these types of fares from the major airlines,
e-Gate Dubai Airports fast track immigration facility for Skywards Gold and Silver card holders. Free for Gold card holders, 5,000 mile cost to Silvers. Linked to your frequent flyer card.
E-TICKET A "paperless" ticket which is processed electronically; often through an Internet purchase.
EARN/BURN Slang for mileage accrual and redemption.
EBP Exclusive to the SAS EuroBonus program, this is short for EuroBonus Pandion, the highest level elite.
EC Economy Comfort
ECAM Electronic Centralised Aircraft Monitor, same as EICAS, preferred Airbus version
eCredit Residual value of a non-refundable ticket that is cancelled. Can be applied towards purchase of another ticket for the same passenger.
EDCT (FAA) Estimated Departure Clearance Time
EEO Specific to the Marriott Rewards program - Electronic Elite Offer or Elite Exclusive offers
EF ExpertFlyer
EFIS Electronic Flight Instrument System
EI Aer Lingus
EICAS Engine Indicating and Crew Alerting System (heart of the "glass cockpit") same as ECAM
EK Emirates
ELECTRONIC UPGRADES (EGR) "Paperless" upgrades transacted solely through computers.
ELITE LEVEL Additional benefits for members attaining thresholds of accrued miles or points. Elite-level membership usually allows travelers to accrue miles or points faster, provides special perks and grants special airplane seating or hotel accommodations.
ELITE-LEVEL BONUS Miles earned in addition to actual mileage as a benefit of being an elite-level member.
ELITE-LEVEL UPGRADE Upgrade to higher class of service available through membership in an elite level of a program.
EMB Embraer
Emerald Oneworld status tier - the highest tier positioned above Sapphire and Ruby
EMPLOYEE CLASS Ironic term used by some fliers for First and Business class cabins.
EMR Electromagnetic Radiation; some people suspect EMR is harmful at high altitudes; a controversial subject
ENHANCED A term used in a derisory fashion for benefits REMOVED by an airline, dressed up in a PR spin as an "enhancement" to the program.
ENROLLMENT BONUS A specific amount of miles awarded upon first becoming a member of a program.
EOS End Of Service
EP AAdvantage Executive Platinum(also EXP)
EQM Elite Qualifying Miles - Many programs allow members to earn miles from a variety of activities, but generally, only miles earned through designated activities count toward the achievement of elite status. See also "Q Miles" and "Status Miles".
EQP Elite Qualifying Point(alternative point credit used to determine elite status)
EQS Elite Qualifying Segment(alternative flight segment credit used to determine elite status)
ERJ EmbraerRegionalJet - Plane Manufacturer - bmi has the ERJ-135 & 145
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
ETD Estimated Time of Departure
ETD ExplosiveTraceDetection (aka "sniffer")
ETOPS Extended-range Twin-engine Operational Performance Standards
ETP ExplosiveTracePortal (aka "puffer")
EUA Continental and Northwest's Elite Upgrade Automation, which automatically upgrades elites to first class if seats are available.
EUG Electronic upgrades.
eUPG Electronic Upgrade
EVIP Refers to one-way, systemwide upgrades given to AA Executive Platinum elites. Eight such upgrades are "given" upon reaching Executive Platinum status.
ex- A prefix (e.g. ex-ORD) indicating the airport or city a passenger originally departed from.
Ex-Gulf/Asiana The uncomfortable version of the international Boeing 763ER aircraft.
EXP Executive Platinum on American AAdvantage.
EXP line Dedicated help desk for Executive Platinum flyers
EXPEDITED AWARDS Service offered by many programs for an additional cost; expedited awards allow members to accelerate processing and delivery of award tickets or certificates. Often the requested award is delivered within 24 hours.
Exxx Embraer
F Booking class - use varies depending upon airline
F9 Frontier Airlines
FA Flight Attendant
FAA Federal Aviation Administration (U.S.)
FAM Federal Air Marshall
FAMS FederalAirMarshalService
FARE BASIS Determines how many miles or points are earned based on the fare paid. For example, to accumulate mileage on some airlines, you must pay a published full-fare rate; some programs do not award miles for highly discounted fares. Some hotels require that you pay corporate rates or higher to accrue points.
FARs Federal Aviation Regulations, frequently cited by FAs (and not always accurately)
FB FreedomBaggie aka Kippie Bag, Kip Zips, Kip Quart Baggie, Kip Kwarts, etc. after Kip Hawley ofKHIAI
FBL Fly By Light (fiber optic) flight controls
FBW Fly By Wire flight controls
FC FareCompare. First Class. Also an abbreviation used for Flying Colonel.
FCC Usually, Flight Connections Centre at London Heathrow Airport
FCM First Class Monetization (especially pertinent to Delta)
FCT Specific to Lufthansa, it refers to the First Class Terminal in Frankfurt.
FD Family Dollar ; Fuel Dumping
FEBO Front, Even; Back, Odd. Refers to how meal orders are SUPPOSED to be taken in premium classes. On even numbered flights, the FA(s) should start at the front of the cabin, and on odd numbered flights,
FF Frequent Flyer. Also VFF, a Very Frequent Flyer.
FFCC Applies to day of flight and when travelling on a First Class ticket (revenue or award), but holding a Business Class seat (due to no F seats in your booking class being available), folks on this list have priority to be assigned any available seats.
FFDO FederalFlightDeckOfficer. An armed Pilot or First Officer.
FFP Frequent Flyer Program
FFS Food for Sale program in American Airlines domestic Coach
FHR the American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts benefit program available with Centurion and Platinum charge cards
FI Icelandair
FIM Flight Interruption Manifest
FIR Flight Information Region (used in air traffic control)
FL AirTran Airways
FL Flagship Lounge(or Flagship, contextual)
FLIFO Flight InfoFlyerTalk Wiki entry
Flounge First Lounge or Galleries First lounge
Flow Program administered by ATC/ARTCC/FAA in order to regulate lower numbers of arrivals or departures to an airport. Issued on a airport specific basis generally for declining weather or for [expected] traffic congestion but may also extend after adverse whether due to aircraft logjam. Synonimus with "GDP". Also see "Ground Stop"
FM Shanghai Airlines
FO First Officer/Co-Pilot. Alternatively, Delta Silver Medallion, for members with at least 25,000 MQM's or 30 segments (this status was formerly called "Flying Orchid")
FOC This dreaded disease is considered contagious by members of frequent flyer programs who choose to redeem their miles and benefits for upgrades rather than free awards. The disease is FOC -- Fear of Coach.
FOP Form Of Payment
Forward Front of aircraft
FOS Flight Operations Systems
FOUO ForOfficialUseOnly. Another variety of unclassified but not for public information.
FQTR Frequent Traveler Redemption (on BA)
FQTU Frequent Traveler automated cabin upgrade request
FQTV Frequent Traveler (on BA)
FR Financial Review
FREQUENT BUYERS Frequent-traveler program members who earn most of their miles or points from credit card purchases or partner services as opposed to flying.
FS Four Seasons Hotel chain
FS FlightStats
FSD FederalSecurityDirector
FT FlyerTalk
Fter A member of Flyer Talk
FTL Lufthansa Frequent Traveller (*S)
FULL FOLIO When a hotel program awards miles based on the amount spent for all hotel charges, including room service, gift shop purchases and like expenses.
FWIW Internet lingo meaning "For What It's Worth"
G Booking class - use varies depending upon airline
GA Gate Agent
Galileo Electronic reservations system used by many airlines and travel agents.
Gate Lice Passengers with low boarding priority who crowd the gate area before being called
GATEWAY AIRPORTS Domestic airports that are origination points for foreign destinations.
GAYLA A term coined by GLBT forum users for a GLBT led meetup. They are open to all, just started by the GLBT folks.
GC Galleries Club lounge
GCC Gulf Co-operation Council, a political and economic union of the Arab states bordering the Persian Gulf and located on or near the Arabian Peninsula
GCH Gold Card Holder
GDP Ground Delay Program - Program administered by ATC/ARTCC/FAA in order to regulate lower numbers of arrivals or departures to an airport. Issued on a airport specific basis generally for declining weather or for [expected] traffic congestion but may also extend after adverse whether due to aircraft logjam. Synonimus with "Flow". Also see "Ground Stop"
GDS Global Distribution Systems (airline ticketing systems)
GEX Gatwick Express
GF Global First
GFML Gluten-Free Meal(not available on all flights)
GGL Gold Guest List
Ghost destinations Nonexistent airports, e.g. for gate passes, including HDQ (AA-ville) and FSG (Sabre-ville)
GIDS Gate Information Display System
GK Global Services 1K - A UGS member who has also qualified for 1K status. Also - Holds confirmed. No teletype sent.
GL Holds waitlist. No teletype sent.
GLBT Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender
GLD AAdvantage Gold(mainly used on FlyerTalk; also AG)
GLON(2) An award valid for a six-night free stay in any Hilton HHonors family hotel [except Category 6 hotels, which require a GLONP(2).]
GLONP(2) An award valid for a six-night free stay at a Category 6 Hilton HHonors family hotel.
GM Delta Gold medallion, for members with at least 50,000 MQM's or 60 segments
GMT Greenwich Mean Time, used for some airline and military operations (see UTC, Zulu Time)
Gogo Inflight wi-fiprovider available on certain aircraft
Gold line Phone number for GLD elite members placing them higher in the queue to reach an AA customer service representative (not a separate desk)
Gold Medallion The lower-middle Elite status level of the Delta Air Lines SkyMiles program.
GP Gold Passport, the Hyatt frequent stay program.
GP Global Services Premier Exec who has also qualified for 1P status
GPR Gold Priority Reward
GPS Global Positioning System (satellite based navigation system)
GPU Global Premier Upgrade - Formerly known as SWU
Ground Stop No aircraft permitted into or out of airport. Almost always due to severe weather but could be temporarily shorter due to aircraft incident or accident or VIP-stuff [like POTUS]. ATC generally proceeds from Ground Stop to Flow/GDP to nothing "no program".
GS Global Services
GSC GroundSecurityCoordinator. Airline employee responsible for security in their area.
GTEM Going The Extra Mile - The title of a card that (some) MP members are issued to present to UA employees for exemplary service.
GTF Geared Turbo-Fan (e.g. Pratt & Whitney PW1000G)
GUC Global Upgrade Certificate
GUF2 Gold Upgrade For Two voucher
GUV Gold Upgrade Voucher (Single class upgrade voucher. 4 awarded to BD*G each year)
GV x Passengers must travel together, x = number of pax
H Booking class - use varies depending upon airline
HA Hawaiian Air Lines
Hardstand Common lingo used for aircraft and other heavy equipment that are parked for long periods. They have to park them on a "hardstand" which is an area with heavy reinforced pavement or concrete. Due to the weight of large aircraft they can't leave them on weaker asphalt or dirt areas for long periods of time. Usually a large concrete pad area.
HBO Hand baggage only
HCon Heathrow Connect
Heavy Larger aircraft (767, 777, 747, A330, A340, A380), also used by ATC for the 757 due to its wake turbulence and suffix to airline call signs that indicate such i.e., "American 1 Heavy"
HEX Heathrow Express
HHA House Hold Account
HHMD Hand-HeldMetalDetector
HHOK Internet lingo meaning "Ha Ha Only Kidding"
Hidden city ticketing Booking itineraries with one or more connections and intentionally skipping final flight to achieve cost savings
HK Holds confirmed.
HK49s (note HK49s have been replaced by electronic CR-1s) -- United's confirmable North American upgrade certificates, good for travel within the 49 United States, the Caribbean, Canada or Mexico. This upgrade is not valid on flights to/from Hawaii, except when member is a resident of Hawaii. You may use Confirmed Systemwide Upgrades anywhere United flies.
HL Holds waitlist.
HN Have need on request.
HO Head Office (Donington Hall). Has also been used to describe members after DO's (Flyertalk Member Gatherings)
HoKeY Widely used term by CO fliers. These are the 3 coach fare codes that allow upgrades.
HOM House of Miles. This is the conceptual home of such travel ideas as FlyerTalk, BoardingArea, InsideFlyer magazine, milepoint and more. The address? 1930 Frequent Flyer Point, Colorado Springs, CO 80915.
HON Lufthansa HON Circle (*G with knobs on)
HOOU HOOU Have One On Us coupons, good for a free beverage on board.
HP America West Airlines
HS Sold.
HUACA Hang Up And Call Again
HUB Central airport where planes converge to transfer passengers; usually controlled by one or two airlines.
HUD Head-Up Display
HWMBO He who must be obeyed, i.e., significant other
HX Cancelled.
HYBRID CLASS A specialized class of service through which first-class service is provided for business-class fares.
HYDRAULIC good old hydraulic flight controls
I Booking class - use varies depending upon airline
i/O Invitation Only EKs most elite level, supposedly less than 250 members globally, and access is by invitation only. Entry requirements not published, but supposedly 50 sectors in F within 12-months. Membership valid for 2-years. No rules apply and each member has a personalised and dedicated toll-free number.
IANAL I Am Not A Lawyer
IAS Indicated Air Speed (in knots)
IATA International Air Transport Association (airlines' association, issue many pertinent rules)
IB Iberia Airlines
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization (regulates international air travel)
ICC International/Indian Call Centre (aka Pune/India)
ICE EKs award winning inflight entertainment system (Information, Communications & Entertainment)
ICE Immigration andCustomsEnforcement. Investigative unit of Immigration and Customs.
ICE Digital New widescreen version of ICE, with enhanced user interface
ID Identification
IDB Involuntarily Denied Boarding. Airline offers cash consolation.
IFE In Flight Entertainment
IFL International First Class Lounge
IFR Procedures for flying in IMC.
IFS International Flagship Service
IFSD In Flight Shut Down (usually relating to an engine)
IIRC Internet lingo meaning "If I Recall Correctly"
IJAIBB Internet lingo meaning "Its just another internet Bulletin Board".
IK Infant confirmed.
ILS Instrument Landing System (bad weather)
IM Inventory Management
IMC Instrument Meteorological Conditions
IME In My Experience
IMO Internet lingo meaning "In My Opinion." Sometimes expanded to IMHO -- "In My Humble Opinion."
IN If not holding, need. Passenger may already be holding space. Check for dupe reservation.
IN CONJUNCTION WITH The restriction which hotels and car rental agencies apply when awarding miles. For example, to accumulate Mexicana Frecuenta mileage for a stay at a Camino Real hotel, you must show your Mexicana boarding pass as proof of a flight within a certain time period (usually 24 hours) of the stay.
INCENTIVE MILES Miles purchased from an airline program by a company to be given to employees or customers as rewards.
INSPass A pre-applied for approved pass allowing expedited passage via US Customs and Immigration arrival lines.
IRROPS/IROPS Short for Irregular Operations, such as equipment change, ATC delay, flight cancellation, etc. How to pronounce? EAR-ROP or EYE-ROP ... speakers choice.
IRRRES or IXXRES Manual Reissue Desk
IS If not holding, sold. Passenger may already be holding. Check for dupe reservation.
ISIC International Student Identity Card (12 or older currently enrolled as a full-time degree-seeking student at an accredited institution)
ISP In-seat power
ITA ITAsoftware search enginefor airline itineraries (also Anti-Trust Immunity)
ITIC International Teacher Identity Card (Teaching > 18 hrs / wk at an accredited institution, min 1 yr employment.
ITN Internet Travel Network. An online resource for booking travel.
IYHO In Your Humble Opinion
IYTC International Youth Travel Card (age 12 - 25)
J Booking class - use varies depending upon airline
JCB (Adult) Contract Bulk passenger
JI Midway Airlines
Jim Wilson Human remains traveling in the cargo hold ("Jim Wilson Air Tray" is an air casket)
JK Spanair
JL Japan Airlines
JM Air Jamaica
Joanna The helpful bmi lurker - Handle:diamond club
JP Adria Airways
JPML Japanese Meal(only available to/from Japan)
JR Aero California
K Booking class - use varies depending upon airline
K-UP K class instant UpGrade
KA Dragonair
KE Korean Air
Kettle used on FT to describe inexperienced traveler
keyword_name keyword_description
KF Blue1
KHIAI A one quart zip top plastic bag made by the S. C. Johnson Company, having the magical powers of rendering 3.4 ounces or less quantities of high explosive dihydrogen monoxide into ordinary water as long as the zip top is securely closed.
Kiosk Self-Service Check-in Machine
Kip Hawley/Kip/The Kipster The Ex-Administrator of the TSA
Kippie Bag The magical plastic bag that turns exploding liquids into inert substances.
KK Now confirmed
KL KLM-Royal Dutch Airlines
KL Confirming from waitlist.
knot / kt / kn unit of speed, one nautical mile per hour (≈1.15 mph)
KSML Kosher Meal(not available on all flights)
KVS KVS Availability Tool- A downloadable tool, which provides access to real-time Flight Availability, Award/Upgrade Availability (including Award Availability on AA and all other OneWorld member carriers), Fares, Seat Maps, and more
L Booking class - use varies depending upon airline
LA IATA code for LATAM
LATINPASS In 2000, this Latin American airline alliance gained notoriety when it sponsored one of the most lucrative promotions to date. The promotion gave members the opportunity to earn one million miles for a minimal amount of partner usage. Frequent flyers recognized the value of the promotion immediately, and before long, LatinPass was overwhelmed by the number of participants, most of whom were members of the online forum FlyerTalk or had heard of the promotion from FlyerTalk. To this day, LatinPass is synonymous with irresistable, yet error-plagued promotions.
LCC Low Cost Carrier
LEAP CFM (GE-SNECMA) Leading Edge Aviation Propulsion high bypass turbofan to be used on the future AA 737 MAX
LEFT SEAT Pilot a.k.a. Captain
LEISURE RENTAL When a traveler pays non-corporate rates for a car rental, and thereby earns a different amount of miles than a corporate rate would earn.
LEO Law Enforcement Officer
LFBU Load Factor Based Upgrade sold at self-service check-in kiosk
LGA Liquids,Gels, andAerosols
LH Lufthansa Airlines. Also an abbreviation for "long haul".
LIFO Last In, First Out
LINKED ACCOUNTS When two members of a program earn miles into the same account or can transfer miles between their two separate accounts; usually involves an affinity card.
LL Add to waitlist.
LO Lot Polish Airlines
LOL Internet lingo meaning "Laugh(ing) Out Loud"
LONE Oneworld explorer ticket in Coach
LP Lan Peru
LRTC Less Room Throughout Coach. Refers to American AAdvantage adding seats back to Coach after removing 'rows' of seats and heralding the extra room with the MRTC (More Room Throughout Coach) marketing campaign.
LURKER A person who reads forums, but who does not post messages.
LUT Fares The lowest fare booking classes, which have only recently been admitted to the upgrade lottery unless you are somebodys companion, that is. On international flights, the upgrade window opens 12 hours after boarding time. Also known as(S)LUT Faresor.5LUT Fares.
LUV Used to denote Southwest Airlines / WN
LX Swiss International Air Lines.
LY El Al Israel Airlines
M Booking class - use varies depending upon airline
M&M Miles & More (Lufthansa Group FFP - more commonly known atM&L- Miles & Less!
Mag Magnetometer, more accurately known as a Walk-Through Metal Detector
Mainline A reference to aircraft run by United proper rather than the commuter lines. Generally the larger multi-class planes.
Matron Airline employee, often middle-aged woman, who polices access to business and first class lounges.
Mattress Run The practice of checking into a hotel or a series of hotels, just to earn status credits and/or points in that hotel chain's frequent lodger program
MCE Main Cabin Extra(coming soon) some coach rows with extra legroom, sold for an extra fee or allocated to Elites
MCLA Mexico, Caribbean and Latin America
MCO Miscellaneous Charges Order, paper issued by the airline for a ticket refund, etc. Not to be confused with MCO, the code for
MCT Minimum Connection Time
MD or Mad Dog McDonnell Douglas 88 or 90
MDD Modified Double Dip. A method of opening Sapphire Reserve and Sapphire Preferred in quick succession to bypass the Chase rule which does not allow holders of any Sapphire card to open another
Medallion Qualification Mile A unit of measurement used towards the qualification of elite Medallion status for the next year, earned only by actually being a passenger on an aircraft operated by Delta Air Lines or its partners, by using an approved credit card, or by special promotions.
Medallion Qualification Segment A unit of measurement used towards the qualification of elite Medallion status for the next year, earned only by actually being a passenger on an aircraft operated by Delta Air Lines or its partners.
MEL Minimum Equipment List (list of equipment allowed inoperative not affecting flight safety)
MEMBERSHIP PRIVILEGES Special privileges granted by airlines and hotels to members of frequent travel programs. For example, hotels may offer discounted rates or free nights to program members for a limited time.
METAL Refers to aircraft (thus metal) of the airline you are flying. (i.e., Delta metal, American metal, etc...).
MFU Miles For Upgrade (now referred to as Upgrade Using Avios)
MH Malaysia Airlines
MHC Mile High Club
MHD Mexican Hat Dance, a type of mileage run between Canada and Mexico
MIB Merchandise in Baggage
Midcon Flight that flies mid-continent, e.g. ORD-JFK or DFW-LAX
MIL Military Passenger
MILEAGE JUNKIE A frequent flyer who obsessively accumulates miles and points, and often does not redeem many awards.
MILEAGE PURCHASE The capability to purchase a certain percentage of miles needed to redeem a specific award.
MILEAGE RUN A series of flights taken in a very short amount of time, solely for the purpose of accumulating frequent flyer miles, with a blatant disregard for the destinations.
Million Miler A person who has earned a minimum of 1,000,000 Medallion Qualification Miles.
MINIMUM MILEAGE Minimum number of miles earned by a program member, regardless of the length of the flight; usually 500 miles.
MLL Maple Leaf Lounge - Air Canada's network of Elite and VIP airport lounges.
MM Million Mile Fliers- Not a bona-fide status level. Folks who fly 1,000,000BISmiles are given permanent 1P status without need to qualify.
MMB Manage My Booking
MMW MillimeterWave portal (aka "electronic strip-search machine")
Moat Nickname for Security Checkpoint
Moat Dragon A TSO manning a WTMD, MMW or BSX machine.
MOL Michael O'Leary
MOML Moslem Meal/ Halal Meal (not available on all flights)
MP Mileage Plus - United's name for their frequent flyer program
MP MoneyPak
MPM Maximum Permitted Mileage. Many tickets especially RTW have a maximum number of miles permitted under the fare.
MQD Medallian Qualifying Dollars; Delta lingo for minimum spend
MQM Medallion Qualifier Miles, miles that count towards achievement of Elite status on Delta
MQS Medallion Qualification Segments, used to determine your qualification for elite status
MR Mileage Run - A series of flights taken in a very short amount of time, solely for the purpose of accumulating frequent flyer miles, with a blatant disregard for the destinations.
MR is also used as an abbreviation for American Express Membership Rewards.
MR Marriott Rewards
Mr. Easy Chicken, Easy Chicken, Mr. Chicken Various terms for the Easy Check-in kiosks in airports.
Mr. Pillows A character in a story of unknown veracity who has a seemingly endless supply of pillows available on UA.
MRO Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul
MRTC American's "More Room Throughout Coach"
MS Egyptair
MS Manufactured Spending
MSC Most Significant Carrier (important for baggage and some ticket issues)
MTEU Miles Towards Elite Upgrades (for earning 500 mile upgrades, etc.)
MTOW Maximum Take Off Weight (aircraft)
MU China Eastern Airlines
MUA Mileage Upgrade Award (an upgrade award using miles)
MX Mexicana de Aviacion OR flight canceled/delayed due to mechanical problems
MX Maintenance
N Booking class - use varies depending upon airline
N7 National Airlines
NA Need the segment specified or alternate segment immediately following confirmed segment.
NAMU North American Upgrade Certificate
NCW New Club World (Long haul business class)
neo or NEO New Engine Option, as on the A320-NEO AA has contracted for in the future
Nested ticket or itinerary Booking an itinerary between two cities and then booking one or more itineraries between the same cities that are "nested" between the original departure and return dates in order to achieve cost savings
NextGen Next Generation Air Transportation System (GPS Based) scheduled implementation 2012 - 2025
NFC Defined as 'Near Field Communication.' Essentially it refers to the "wave and pay" type credit cards as well as other things like chip enabled frequent flyer cards and even baggage tags location. Key to this is that the information exchange needs to be very local 4 cm or 1 1/2 inches to work.
NFL NoFlyList, a List which cannot be properly publicly defined, as the Flyertalk word censors and TOS prevent an accurate description, even in OMNI.
NGBC Next Generation Business Class
NGSA Next Generation Single Aisle
NH All Nippon Airways
NLL No Lifetime Language. For Amex credit and charge cards. no provision in the terms and conditions limiting applications to once (or other number) per lifetime.
NN Need.
NO No action taken.
NONSTOP A flight that does not stop en route. A nonstop flight is always direct, but a direct flight is not always nonstop.
NOOD NationalOpt-OutDay
North American Upgrade Certificate An upgrade certificate that all SkyMiles Medallion Elite members used to earn after flying 40,000 base miles per calendar year. This certificate no longer exists.
NoS Nude-o-Scope. A more descriptive, insulting replacement for WBI.
NOTAM NOTice to AirMen (voice or teletype information of interest to pilots)
NOTOC Notification to captain
NRPS Non-Revenue-Producing Space - Generally for UA employees or family flying on a free ticket. This is rather like standby seating.
NRPS More generally (worldwide) used as a "Non Revenue, Positive Space" ticket in that it allows a confirmed seat to be attached to the ticket, thus avoiding any standby procedures. Used for staff on Must Travel itineraries as well as for selected suppliers, vendors, and so on, for business purposes related to the airline itself. [It has this meaning on, at a minimum, DL, AA, AF, KL and VS]
NRSA Non-revenue space available. Used to describe much unpaid staff travel.
NSFU Not Suitable For Upgrade
NW Northwest Airlines
NZ Air New Zealand
O Booking class - use varies depending upon airline
O&D Originations & Destinations.
O/D Origin/Destination
O/W One Way
OA Other Airline (AA policies)
OAG Official Airline Guide
OAL Other Airline
OCONUS Outside Continental United States
OFF-PEAK TRAVEL Travel at a particular time of year when airlines predict a lower demand for seats. This usually excludes the time surrounding major holidays. Airlines designate specific "peak" and "off-peak" dates, and many do not allow award travel during peak times.
OH, OHB OverHead Bin
OIS (FAA) Operational Information Systems
OK CSA - Czech Airlines
OLCI Online Check In
OLCI On Line Check In
OLTA Online Travel Agency
OMNI Off-topic member forum. Access is granted once the requirements for time in the forum and number of posts are met.
ONE-CLASS Usually associated with airline- and car-rental upgrades, allowing one level of service upgrade. For example, a one-class airline upgrade is from coach to business class; contrast this with a first-class upgrade, which jumps several classes of service from coach to first.
ONE-WAY (O/W) An itinerary which does not include a return flight to the point of origination.
ONLINE BONUSES Miles earned through Internet transactions, whether by purchasing tickets or items or logging activity on a specific Web site.
OP Original Poster or OnePass
OP-UP Short for operational upgrade. This is a type of upgrade that is awarded when coach is overbooked and they bump some passengers up to first class if there are any seats open. The pecking order starts with top elite members, etc.
OPEN JAW A roundtrip ticket that has three or more points of departure/arrival. For example, a routing from Chicago arriving in New York, which returns to Chicago from Boston. Open jaws are often allowed when flying on an award ticket and are often counted as a stopover.
OPM Other People's Money
ORC Original Routing Credit (on FlyerTalk)
OS Austrian Airlines
OSH FlyerTalk memberOfficial SkyMiles Helper, who has been appointed the only official representative of Delta Air Lines in the Delta forum on FlyerTalk
OSO Off-Schedule Operations (see IROPS / IRROPS)
OT Short for "Off Topic"
OTA Online Travel Agency
OTOH On The Other Hand
OU Croatia Airlines
OW Acronym that stands for the oneworld Alliance.
OWE Oneworld Explorer (RTW) fare - prefixed with cabin class code, followed by # of continents - e.g. DONE4
OX Holds confirmed as alternate. Cancel only if requested segment is available.
OZ Asiana Airlines
P Booking class - use varies depending upon airline
PA The Priority A waitlist. Officially for folks using upgrade certificates (SWUs, CR1s, 500-milers, etc). Clears before PB and PD waitlist in a "first on, first off" sequence.
PAPER UPGRADES Certificates or vouchers that can physically be given to a check-in agent to claim an upgrade.
PARTNER Two programs joining together to allow members to accrue miles or points in one or both programs. Also may allow members to use accumulated miles or points to redeem awards with the partner. Partners may be accrual partners only, award partners only or both.
PAWOB Passenger Without Bags
PAX Short for passenger(s). See also, SLF.
PB The Priority B waitlist. Officially for folks using MUAs. Clears before PD waitlist in a "first on, first off" sequence.
PBM International program requiring checked bags are matched to passengers.
PC Presidents Club - Continental's network of Elite and VIP airport lounges (merged with United to become United Club); Priority Club
PC ProbableCause (standard that must be met before a LEO can make an arrest)
PCPM Part Cash Part Miles (now referred to as Avios & Money)
PD The Priority D waitlist. We don't know what this is, but it clears after PA and PB.
PDB Pre-Departure Beverage, often alcoholic
PE,Y+ Premium Economy
PED Personal Entertainment Device
Penalty Box Place where planes--generally after ground stop, GDP, or just running late get to wait while their gate opens; may also be used on departures for metering or flow delays. ORD actually has a space officially called the "Penalty Box" [on airport diagrams and a "Scenic Pad"] but used generically as a place somewhere out of ATC's way to bide time.
PER NIGHT When a hotel program awards miles for each night's accommodation.
PER STAY When a hotel program awards miles once per visit, whether or not the visit comprises more than one night.
PF Pilot Flying
PFB or PDB Pre-flight beverage (or Pre-departure beverage)
PFD Primary Flight Display or Personal Flotation Device (contextual)
PIC Pilot In Command
PII PersonallyIdentifiableInformation, aka privacy information. This is information that can be used to identify a specific person from the general population, and also requires special government safeguards and protections.
Pilot's Discretion Pilot given option of ascent or descent at own leisure.
PIN Personal Identification Number. Required by many frequent traveler programs to identify members and ensure that miles or points are properly credited.
PIREPS Pilot Reports
pitch aircraft angle of rotation about horizontal left-to-right axis or motion about that axis; moves nose up or down
PK Pakistan International Airlines
PL AAdvantage Platinum(also PLT)
Platinum line phone number for PLT elite members placing them higher in the queue to reach an AA customer service representative (not a separate desk)
Platinum Medallion The upper-middle Elite status level of the Delta Air Lines SkyMiles program.
Pleb bmi diamond club Blue
PLH Premium Long Haul flight
PLT / Plat AAdvantage Platinum(mainly on FlyerTalk; also PL)
PM Delta Platinum Medallion, for members with at least 75,000 MQM's or 100 segments
PM Classic Platinum Medallion Classic, which is another description coined by Delta forum FlyerTalk members for the time before 2005 when 100,000 Medallion Qualification Miles was required to achieve Platinum Medallion status in the Delta Air Lines SkyMiles frequent flier program.
PM Lite Platinum Medallion Lite, which is an expression coined by Delta forum FlyerTalk members for Platinum Medallion status in the Delta Air Lines SkyMiles frequent flier program after January 1, 2005 as a result of Delta Air Lines reducing the mileage requirement needed for Platinum Medallion status from 100,000 Medallion Qualification Miles to 75,000 Medallion Qualification Miles beginning January 1, 2005.
PMCO pre merger Continental
PMDL Pre-Merger Delta Air Lines, which refers to Delta Air Lines before its merger with Northwest Airlines in 2009.
PMNW Pre-Merger Northwest Airlines, which refers to Northwest Airlines before it was merged into Delta Air Lines in 2009.
PMU Delta SkyMiles-related abbreviation for Platinum Medallion Upgrade
PMUA pre merger United
PN Pending need, request sent.
PNF Pilot Not Flying
PNR Passenger Name Record. Used to record reservation and passenger information.
POE PortofEntry (land or airport entry into the USA)
POINT CEILING A limit on the amount of points that can be earned through a specific method, such as an affinity card or a special bonus offer.
POOLING (MEMBERS) When two members combine miles or points from different accounts to redeem an award. Usually not allowed, but sometimes is permissible for family members or spouses.
POOLING (PROGRAMS) When a member of two separate programs combines miles or points from both programs to claim an award with either program.
port left side of aircraft when facing forward. "left" is the preferred aviation terms
POS person of size
POUG Proactive Online Up Grade
PPR "paper," an edit used to assure an op up doesn't automatically draw upgrade instruments, usually used by the GA
PQ Price Quote
PQD Premier Qualifying Dollars; United lingo for minimum spend
PQR Price Quote Request
PQRS Price Quote Reissue Summary
PQS Price Quote Summary
PR Philippine Airlines
PRASM passenger revenue per available seat mile
PRE-REGISTER When a program requires a member to notify the program of the member's intent to earn a bonus prior to accrual. For example, if a bonus is offered for flying a specific route, the member must notify the program that the member is flying that itinerary to earn the bonus. If the program is not notified previous to the flight, it will not award the bonus. Often involves a promotion code. For a list of these types of promotions, visit http
Prize-winning miles AA speak for redeemable miles
PROMOTION CODE Numbers or letters that must be cited when booking to obtain a special bonus or rate.
PS Premium Service - a set of planes with an elevated level of service, in contrast with Ted
PS Positive Space - Generally paying passengers with guaranteed seating but who have no seat assignments. These folks should get seat assignments before those on the standby list.
PSS Passenger Service System
PTA Prepaid Ticket Advice
PUBLISHED RATES The official set of fares that an airline advertises for a certain flight; often, miles will only be accrued on published rates.
PUDDING GUY David Phillips, a.k.a. "The Pudding Guy," was the first member of FlyerTalk to gain national recognition when he purchased over 12,000 packages of Healthy Choice pudding at .25 cents a pop to earn over a million frequent flyer miles. Now it seems everyone is looking for the next "Pudding Guy" deal.
PURCHASED UPGRADES An upgrade to a higher class of service that can be obtained by currency.
PUTI Posting Under The Influence
PV PropagandaVillage. Nickname for TSA's blog after Gijeong-dong on the North Korean side of the DMZ. It looks good from afar and blares propaganda into the South about how great the North is. However, no one lives there except a few caretakers, there's no windows in the buildings, and the whole town was built for show. They also have the largest flag pole in the world to show how great they are. Now substitute Big Catches, 9/11, no real substance to their security and the constant propaganda coming out of them
PV Premium Voyageur seats on Air France
PYOBP Print Your Own Boarding Pass
Q Booking class - use varies depending upon airline
Q MILES Qualifying miles that count toward reaching Elite status with any airline, i.e. NOT inclusive of any elite or class of service bonus which often are not counted toward Elite level. See also "EQM" and "Status Miles".
Q-up Discounted "A" fare
QANTAS Qantas Airways, the Australian national airline. The original name was "Queensland And Northern Territories Aerial Service".
QF Qantas Airways
QR Qatar Airways
R Booking class - use varies depending upon airline
RACK RATES The actual worth of a hotel room, which a company will then offer variations upon, such as corporate, extended stay, tourist and discount rates.
RAPC A feeling of furious anger when one does not get a promotional mail that everyone else seems to get.
RASM Revenue per Available Seat Mile
RBD Reservation booking designator (same as "fare class" - like W, V, Y, etc.)
RC Regency Club, a.k.a. Hyatt club lounge.
RCC United's Red Carpet Club. United Mileage Plus elite members can pass time in the Red Carpet Club instead of the standard airport terminal areas.
RCHHMP Royal Canadian High Horse Mounted Police
RDM Redeemable miles
RECIPROCAL When a partnership allows members from both programs to earn miles, redeem miles or do both on the partner airline.
Region 1 North and Central America, Hawaii, Mexico, and Caribbean
Region 2 Pretty much everything that's not Region 1
RETROACTIVE CREDIT Miles or points awarded to new members who may have flown or stayed previous to enrollment in a program. Requires proof of flight (boarding pass) or proof of stay (hotel receipt). Whether it is permitted and for what time period varies by program.
RFS Return Flight Saver
RG Varig
RI Revenue Involuntary;PALL Listcode for involuntary standby passenger due to OSO
Richard Anderson Delta CEO
RJ Regional Jet (also Royal Jordanian Airlines)
RLN Record Locator Number
RM Revenue Management
RMA RespectMaAuthoratay = Power tripping atitude by persons given more power than they can handle. Commonly displayed by the sameTSOone stripers who utterD-Y-W-T-F-T?
RO Tarom-Romanian Air Transport
ROFL / ROTFL Rolling On (The) Floor Laughing
ROFLMAO Internet lingo meaning "Rolling On The Floor Laughing My A$$ Off"
Roger acknowledgment used in radio communications (e.g., with control tower), confirming receipt of last message
ROH Run of the House (ROH). Room type to be determined upon your arrival.
roll Aircraft angle of rotation about longitudinal axis or motion about that axis; tilts wings left or right
Rollover Medallion Qualification Miles A unique feature of the Delta Air Lines SkyMiles frequent flier loyalty program where a surplus of orphan Medallion Qualification Miles beyond reaching a Medallion level in a given year are rolled over towards qualification for elite status for the next year. This benefit is available for Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond Medallion members.
RON Remain Over Night
ROW Roswell Industrial Air Center, NM "the boneyard" where old aircraft go - formerly Walker Air Force Base
RPM Revenue Passenger Mile
RPU Delta's "Revenue Protection Unit"
RPU Regional Premier Upgrades (Related to the 2012 United Mileage Plus program). These upgrades are confirmable as early as time of ticketing on select United, Continental and Copa flights. You may know them currently as Regional Upgrades. A Premier member will earn two Regional Premier Upgrades when they reach 75,000 Premier qualifying miles (PQM) or 90 Premier qualifying segments (PQS), plus two more for each 25,000 PQM or 30 PQS thereafter. - Formerly known as CR1
RR Reconfirmed.
RS Reasonable Suspicion
RT Round Trip
RTW Round the World ticket package
RTW Round The World
Ruby Oneworld status tier positioned one step above entry level
Rule 240 Airline's domestic reaccommodation policy (AA: US, Canada, Puerto Rico, USVI)
Rule 80 Airline's international reaccommodation policy
RV Revenue Voluntary;PALL Listcode for voluntary standby passenger
S Booking class - use varies depending upon airline
SA South African Airways
Sabre Electronic reservations system used by many airlines and travel agents.
SAC Special Assistance Coordinator
Sapphire Oneworld status tier positioned between Ruby and Emerald
SATA Student Air Travel Association
SAW Sabiha Gokcen Airport - International Airport in Istanbul (in addition to IST)
SBU SensitiveButUnclassified. A catch-all TLA for all of the large variety of information that is not for public release but is also not classified. Includes SSI, PII, FOUO, LES and probably some others.
SC Delta Air Lines Sky Club
SC UA Confirmed, for Schedule Change
SCCM Senior Cabin Crew Member
SCH Silver Card Holder
SCNR Sorry Could Not Resist
sCO Subsidiary Continental Airlines (same as PMCO)
SDC Same-Day Change (or Same-Day Confirmed standby)
SDCFC Same Day Confirmed Flight Change
SDOO Self-Directed Opt Out (as in choosing not to go through the Nude-O-Scope)
SDR Special Drawing Rights (international currency code XDR)
SDS Same Day Standby
SEAT PITCH The distance measured between a seat back and the seat back in front of it. Actually, it can be measured from any point on a seat to the SAME point on the next row of seats.
SEGMENT A section or "leg" of a continuous itinerary.
SELCAL Selective-Calling system (usually signal for messaging from operator to aircraft)
Selectee Having the designation "SSSS" printed on your boarding card by your air carrier, subjecting you to additional screening at the checkpoint.
SEN Lufthansa Senator (*G)
SERVICE CENTER Place where members of frequent travel programs can call for award travel, redemption, accrual and current promotions.
SGB Simply Good Business.
SHARED ACCOUNT When two separate members earn miles into a single account; usually involves an affinity card.
Shoe carnival Term introduced bySpiffreferring to the practice of requiring shoe removal prior to going thru the WTMD.
SIC Second In Command (see also PIC; also Seat In Coach)
SIF Selective Identification Feature (aircraft-based transponder signal)
Silver Medallion The lowest Elite status level of the Delta Air Lines SkyMiles program.
SK SAS - Scandinavian Airlines System
SkyTeam Theairline allianceof which Delta Air Lines is a founding member.
SkyWest ACMI carrier flying feed for AA, AS, DL and UA
SLF Flight crew lingo for Passengers ' Self Loading Freight'
SM SkyMiles. Sometimes it is used to refer to Silver Medallion or a general SkyMiles member.
SM The acronym "SM" is used on a number of airlines to denote Special Meals in general. (Specific codes include KSML, Kosher Special Meal, etc.)
SMB Sir Michael Bishop (Part owner - until Jan - of bmi)
SMI SkyMilesInsider
SMOH Since Major OverHaul
SMS Special Member Services (aka the Medallion line)
SN Sabena
SNS Saturday night stay (as a requirement for certain airfares)
SOL Sh!t Outta Luck
SOP StandardOperatingProcedure, formerly the holy writ by which all TSA screening personnel were expected to perform.
SPACE AVAILABLE Usually associated with upgrades. Members of frequent traveler programs can upgrade to first or business class on airlines and upgrade to rooms with special amenities at hotels when the seat or room is not already filled by revenue-paying occupants.
SPCCR Self-Policing Community Closure Rule, used by some on this forum for proposing ignoring a thread
SPG Starwood Preferred Guest
SPML Special Meal
SPOT Screening ofPassengers byObservationTechnique. Those DHS personnel who have been trained in this are known asBDO's orSPOTniks.
SQ Singapore Airlines
SR The old code for Swissair. The new code is LX.
SRC Senior Citizen Passenger
SS Special Services
SS Sell.
SS.SS Properly, a reference to DHS 'See Something, Say Something' campaign; informally, any act of reporting suspicious behavior to law enforcement, public transportation officials, airline personnel or other authorities. Variants include 'SS/SS', 'SS, SS' and similar.
SSCI Self Service Check In
SSI Sensitive Security Information.
SSM Save SkyMiles
SSR Special Service Request (in airports, often refers to wheelchair or cart assistance)
SSSS Selected for Secondary Security Screening
ST SkyTeam
STANDBY A passenger waiting for a seat on a full flight who is prepared to travel if space becomes available at the last moment.
STANDBY UPGRADE Available at check-in if space is available in a higher class of service. Usually, passengers check in no more than two hours in advance for standby upgrades.
starboard Right side of aircraft when facing forward. "right" is the preferred aviation term.
STATUS MATCH A "fast track" to elite status in which an airline will award status in its program based on a member's status in another program, usually because the member is switching. Status matches are once-in-a-lifetime affairs and airlines may match only to a lower level (e.g. someone in the highest tier of the old airline may only be matched to the middle tier of the new one). Some airlines do not match status, or do so only in conjunction with a Challenge.
STATUS MILES Miles that count toward reaching Elite status with any airline, i.e. NOT inclusive of any elite or class of service bonus which often are not counted toward Elite level. See also "Q Miles" and "EQM".
STC Supplemental Type Certificate (FAA approval doc for aircraft modifications, changes or additions)
STD Scheduled Time of Departure
sticker 500 mile upgrade instrument (used to be actual stickers)
Stop Considered to be a layover or connection up to a certain maximum allowed connecting time
STOPOVER An intentional interruption of a flight along a direct route. Stopovers are allowed sometimes when flying on an award ticket. Length of stopover varies by airline.
Stopover aA substantially longer break in the flight itinerary than a stop or transfer
STPC Stopover Paid By Carrier
STSO SupervisoryTransportationSecurityOfficer (aka "three-stripers," aka "Sups")
SU The airline code for Aeroflot
sUA Subsidiary United Airlines (same as PMUA)
SUB Sign Up Bonus
SUD Boeing 747 Stretched Upper Deck (2nd or upper deck)
Super The wake turbulence category for the A380.
SV Saudi Arabian
SW Air Namibia
SWEET SPOT Special system-wide upgrades given to United Airlines 1K members in 2003.
SWMBO She who must be obeyed, i.e., significant other
SWU Accronym for System Wide Upgrade. An upgrade award that can be used on any segment in an airline's route system. Many of the major airlines offer SWU's as a benefit to their elite-level members.
SY Sun Country Airlines
T Booking class - use varies depending upon airline
T/O Take off
T1, T2, T3, T4, T5 Terminal numbers
T5A, T5B, T5C London Heathrow Terminal 5 and Satellites
TA Travel Agent
TA Ticketing Agent
TAS True Air Speed (usually in knots)
TATL Transatlantic
TBIT Tom Bradley International Terminal/LAX
TBOH Time a Between Major Overhaul
TCAS Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System
TCON or Transcon Transcontinental flight
TCP To Complete Party
TCV or eCert Transportation Credit Voucher, good discounts on a published fare. Often earned as a PM or DM choice benefit, or issued by customer care to resolve a complaint.
TDC TravelDocumentChecker = TSO's tasked with matching ID to boarding passes
Ted A United subsidiary established to compete with the low-cost carriers, in contrast with PS
TFTG Tales From The Galley
TG Thai Airways
TH Thomas Hudson
The Speech A phrase coined by PremEx that a passenger must give to the gate agent before a flight letting the agent know that the passenger is willing to give up their seat should there be a need for it (if the flight is oversold). If this is the case, the passenger offering the seat could be offered compensation (search the numerous threads to find what this could/should be), or an upgrade on the flight. Search this out as well, as you can see examples of exactly how it works!
Three-Striper Number of stripes on a TSO's epaulet indicating supervisory rank.
THRESHOLD BONUS An incentive offered to members of a program's elite level. Additional miles or points are awarded to members who reach a specific membership level or "threshold."
Through Makes a stop or more
Throwaway ticketing See: "Hidden city ticketing"
TITCR This Is The Credited Response
TIV Trip in Vain
TIX Short for tickets
TK Turkish Airlines
TK Schedule change for confirmed segment.
TL Schedule change for waitlisted segment.
TN Schedule change for requested segment.
TOD Tens of dollars (used by UA flyers to refer to upgrades sold more cheaply to those without status than available to those with status)
TP TAP - Air Portugal
TP Tier Points
TPAC Trans-PACific
TRACON Terminal Radar Approach Control
transcon flight crossing U.S. coast-to-coast (Atlantic & Pacific coasts)
Transfer considered to be a layover or connection up to a certain maximum allowed connecting time
Travelport Electronic reservations system used by many airlines and travel agents.
TRSA Thunderstorms and rainshowers. When suffixed with "+", generally expect flow or ground stop.
TSA Transportation Security Administration (U.S.) - part of the Department of Homeland Security.
TSA love note Notice of Baggage Inspection. A leaflet/placard left in a passenger's checked baggage indicating the bag was opened up by the TSA in the bag room.
TSO TransportationSecurityOfficer
TT Trans Tasman, generally refers to flights between Australia and New Zealand
TTL Ticketing Time Limit
Type A certificates discount certificates (such as CS25s or Entertainment book coupons) that reduce the base fare of the ticket. Only one may be used per ticket. A Type A certificate may be used in combination with multiple Type B certificates.
Type B certificates vouchers (not coupons) such as VDB, IDB, and refaring refund certificates. They act like cash and do not reduce the base fare. More than one Type B voucher can be used as payment for a single ticket, and they may be used in combination with a single Type A certificate.
TZ American Trans Air
U Booking class - use varies depending upon airline
UA United Airlines
UA Metal a plane that UA operates. The flight number could still be that of another (Star Alliance) carrier. This has a bearing on earned mileage and other MP benefits.
UAE United Arab Emirates
UAX synonym for UX, United Express
UC Unable to accept, waitlist, cancel and request alternate flight. Passenger is not confirmed and is not waitlisted.
UC Business class on VS (Upper Class).
UC United Club
UD Upper Deck on larger aircraft, like the 744.
UDH FlyerTalk memberUnofficialDLHelper, who is employed by Delta Air Lines.UnofficialDLHelperanswers questions and offers advice pertaining to Delta Air Lines but isnotofficially a representative of Delta Air Lines in the Delta forum on FlyerTalk.
UDU Unlimited Domestic Upgrade - for Executive Platinum ("domestic" = USA, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Bahamas, Bermuda and Central America)
UFC Upgrade For Cash
UFU Unlimited Free Upgrades - See UDU
UGS, GS United Global Services - Nota bona-fide status level and by invitation only. Likely based on money spent or influence over spending money on UA.
UM Unaccompanied Minor. A child traveling alone. Special arrangements can be made with most airlines to have the child escorted to the plane and met at the destination(s). If a connection is involved, an agent will meet the UM at the gate and escort him/her to a special room with supervision.
UN Transaero Airlines
UN Unable to confirm or waitlist request. Flight not operating.
Uncle Leo The name adapted by some Delta forum FlyerTalk members for Leo Mullin, former chief executive officer of Delta Air Lines.
United.Bomb A reference to United Airline's website - generally meant to be uncomplimentary.
UPGRADE (UG) Transferring to a higher class of service or accommodation, such as from coach to first. Upgrades may be one-class upgrades (see ONE-CLASS) or jump several classes of service.
Upgrade Lottery The process in which there are more SkyMiles Medallion members at the gate that there are available upgrades on that particular aircraft, which usually results in a selection process as to who is fortunate enough to get upgraded and who is not.
US US Airways
US Unserviceable / out of service
US Unable to sell. Have waitlisted.
USPC UnitedStatesPreClearance - Facility at some foreign airports (eg. SNN, DUB) to clear US immigration and customs enabling the flight to arrive as a "domestic" flight.
UTB Un-TicketedBaby aka lap baby
UTC Universal Coordinated Time (see GMT, Zulu Time)
UU Unable. Have waitlisted.
UUA Upgrade Using Avios
UX, UAX United Express - Commuter flights using smaller RJ, EX or CRJ planes, run by independent contractors, under contract to UA
V Booking class - use varies depending upon airline
VBIT Vacation Bound Infrequent Traveler' a somewhat derogatory term which identifies a naive and infrequent traveler. Often identified by their wonderment of the security systems at airports, their propensity to look for the seat marking A-B-C and general uncertainly when boarding. Fact is, many us started the very same way.
VCR Virtual Coupon Record
VDB Voluntary denied boarding. More commonly known as a "bump". Most airlines offer $$$ travel credits or "VDB vouchers" in such instances.
VFF Very Frequent Flyer
VFR Rules under which pilots fly VMC.
VFR Visiting Family & Relatives
VGML Vegetarian Meal
VIPOW One-way complimentary systemwide upgrade certificate on American Airlines. Executive Platinum members receive eight such certificates each year that they attain/retain this highest level of elite status with American.
VIPR VisualIntermodalPrevention andResponse. Taking security screening to baffling new heights using strange techniques in places other than airports.
VMC Visual Meteorological Conditions
VR Vanilla Reload Pack
VRBO Vacation Rentals by Owner
VS Virgin Atlantic Airways
VX Virgin America
W Booking class - use varies depending upon airline
WAITLIST A list of passengers requesting seats on full flights that might become available as a result of cancellation. Airline programs' elite-level members are often offered priority waitlisting.
Warm Nuts On many flights, First Class is served warm nuts. FTers seem to have an additional definition for this term.
Waterside AKA Waterworld (BA HQ)
Wave Mountain wave turbulence that has a seesaw motion to pax but can also be accompanied by moderate or better turbulence. Generally found downwind of mountains out to 1000 miles when strong winds aloft are present.
WBI WholeBodyImaging
WC World Club
WEI Weapons,Explosives andIncendiaries
Wet Lease A wet lease is a leasing arrangement whereby one airline (lessor) provides an aircraft, complete crew, maintenance, and insurance (ACMI) to another airline (lessee), which pays by hours operated. The lessee provides fuel and covers airport fees, and any other duties, taxes, etc. The flight uses the flight number of the lessee. A wet lease generally lasts one month to two years; anything less would be considered an ad-hoc charter. A wet lease is typically utilized during peak traffic seasons or annual heavy maintenance checks, or to initiate new routes. A wet leased aircraft may be used to fly services into countries where the lessee is banned from operating..http
WFBF Want First Buy First
WHQ World Headquarters. Used a lot on the United board.
Wi-Fi lice non-lounge users who hang out near lounges to use WiFi signals
Widget The term used for the triangular-shaped logo device that officially represents Delta Air Lines.
Wilco "Will Comply," now rarely used in radio communications (e.g., with control tower)
WK UA (K)Cancelled, for a city pair segment where the flight number changed
WL UA Waitlist
WM Wal-Mart
WN Southwest Airlines
Worldspan Electronic reservations system used by many airlines and travel agents.
WRT Internet lingo meaning "With Regards To"
WSJ Wall Street Journal, or ANY broadsheet news paper (difficult to read when your knees are up around your nose!)
WT World Traveller (Long haul economy class)
WT+ World Traveller Plus (Long haul premium economy class)
WTMD Walk-ThroughMetalDetector
WX Weather
X Complimentary Medallion Upgrade (Business Class)
X First Class UPGRADE AWARD from paid Business* (Better known as 'NF')
XK Cancel segment. No teletype sent.
XX Cancel confirmed/requested.
Y Booking class - use varies depending upon airline
Y-Up coach fare that immediately allows passenger to book First seat
Yaw aircraft angle of rotation about vertical axis or motion about that axis; moves nose left or right
YGM Internet lingo meaning "You've got mail"
YGPM You've Got Private Mail.
YIELD MANAGEMENT The process whereby airlines allocate seats at different prices depending on actual vs. anticipated demand. Yield management also pertains to the process of allocating frequent flyer award seats.
YM Yield Management (obsolete, now called Revenue Management or RM)
YMMV Your Mileage May Vary.
YQ Fuel surcharge
YRT TypicalFare Basis Codefor a full-fare ticket with a 1-year validity
YV Mesa Airlines
YX Midwest Express
Z Booking class - use varies depending upon airline
Zulu Time see GMT, UTC