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AWD numbers, rate codes, coupons, wizard compatibility?


Old Aug 31, 05, 10:45 pm
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AWD numbers, rate codes, coupons, wizard compatibility?

For a while now I've been meaning to experiment with my rental booking to see if I can get lower rates.

My upcoming trip is LAX Sept 6 to 9. Exactly 3 day rental, evening arrival and return, standard size car ("Monte Carlo or similar").

I experimented on Avis.com using a browser with no cookies (web site did not recognize me). I tried a couple of different AWD numbers I've seen posted here (A460200 and L149332) and tried USA and Canada as country of residence. No wizard number was entered.

Here is a breakdown of my results:

AWD # rate residence rate code
A460200 198.50 USA IZ
L149332 185.11 USA 3A
A460200 166.60 CAN HN
L149332 157.83 CAN HN

I did not enter a rate code (just reporting what it came back with). All prices above are in USD (including all taxes, no optional coverage selected).

I then accessed avis.com with my usual browser, and it recognized me, and I tried the same booking as above (my Wizard and AWD number being part of my profile).

I got a rate of $120.97 USD (rate code was HO).

I then went back and tried to enter one of the above AWD numbers into the booking. I got the message

Incompatible AWD - The AWD number you have entered is not compatible with your Wizard number. Please indicate how you would like to proceed by selecting one of the following options. Note: If you choose to replace your AWD number you will not be able to use your preferred benefits for this renatl (and only this rental). Additionally, this reservation will not be displayed in your "My Avis" reservation listing.

I decided not to continue with that line of inquiry.

So basically my question is:

1) Can I do better than $120 for a 3 day (week-day) rental from LAX?

2) How exactly can I use alternate AWD numbers and not experience an incompatibility with my Wizard number?

3) Is there a list of rate codes that will magically give me a better rate if I use the right one?

4) Are there any coupon numbers in circulation? (or do I need a physical coupon when I get to the rental counter?)

5) I remember seeing an entry for something like "cost control" but I didn't see it in the above booking screens. Is / was there something called "cost control", and what can I put in there (if I can make it appear that is) ?

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Old Sep 1, 05, 10:23 am
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I always try AWD D005297 first, 80% of the time, it gives me the best rate.
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Old Sep 1, 05, 5:33 pm
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I tried a dummy booking using the above-mentioned D005297 (no wizard number) same 3 day LAX rental next week and got a total cost around $150.

I went back and put my wizard in and got the $120.97 price (same as I got last night with my own profile info).

When you people put in an AWD number (the one you *think* gets you a magically good rate) do you also enter your wizard number?

I don't know, it seems that a good wizard number trumps any of these AWD numbers being posted here.

(but experimenting with "country of residence" may yield even better rates - ?)
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Old Sep 3, 05, 4:11 pm
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your AWD brings up specific rate codes, and specific rate codes are awd dependent. The website allows for rate codes for the use of certain travel agents booking (some have certain awd's and three or four rate codes that will work on that one awd).

The computer will always give you the lowest rate that you qualify for based upon the available information. When you log in with your profile, it knows that you qualify for the AWD A1111111 or whatever awd you use. if you want to use a specific awd, remove your old awd and put your awd in there (profile update) see the price and then move it back or do what you did and dont use your normal method for accessing it. Or you can just call avis.
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Old Nov 11, 06, 7:31 pm
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I run into the same problem this week. Used various AWD published on AVIS site and they all returned the same message saying the AWDs are incompatible with my wizard number, consequently, I won't receive rental credit or upgrade privilege. I even tried my company's personal travel AWD, it too returned the same message.
Any thoughts?
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Old Nov 11, 06, 10:11 pm
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I went down this road with Avis recently trying to use the USAA rate. Apparently Avis has done something to the system that requires you to change your default AWD number in order to get the preferred benefits and credit for the rental. I think it's intended to keep you from easily shopping rates, but it's a real pain.

Yes, I know that there are some Wizard numbers that are locked to certain AWD numbers (where the Wizard number is provided by your company, for example, and locked to your company's AWD).

I had a conversation with Avis about this, and the upshot was that I could change the default AWD and everything would work just fine. And it has, so far.
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