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andset1191 Mar 4, 15 8:34 am

Seat swapping etiquette on AA (etiquette discussion)
I recently did a LAX-JFK in business, in seat 6D.

At boarding, two men in 6A and 6F identified themselves as being together and were rather unhappy that I refused to swap with either as I stated I would far rather an aisle seat.

Was I being unreasonable?

AggieNzona Mar 4, 15 8:46 am

No not at all. If it was for another isle seat a row or two back or oppisite sides then I for sure would. The seat being offered needs to be of the same or greater percieved value. Me and the Mrs almost never get seats in First together and have to do the swap thing. But for example if we both have a window then I do not even ask for a swap.

DCAKen Mar 4, 15 9:28 am

There are a couple threads over in TravelBuzz about seat swapping for your amusement

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How do you handle someone sitting in your seat when you board?
Would you switch a good seat for a worse seat?

AANYC1981 Mar 4, 15 9:48 am

I don't think you're in the wrong. I would not give up my aisle seat for a window.....there's a reason why I picked my seat. I've seen some pretty obnoxious couples who got upgraded at the gate and expect others to move their seats to accommodate them.

abk Mar 4, 15 10:27 am

I am with you. I choose an aisle for a reason.

davesam12 Mar 4, 15 11:08 am

You have a right to the seat you reserved/paid. I have moved in F before to accomodate a couple. Feels good to help someone out. But, I have also declined when I felt the move wasn't a fair trade. Example, was once asked by a couple to move to 1E on a domestic 757 from my row 3 aisle. Sorry, I politely declined explaining that 1E had restricted legroom because of the bulkhead. I didn't feel a bit of guilt in doing so in that instance.

In Y now I always book a MCE or Pseat. So, any expectation that one would move from those specifically selected extra fee seats is easily defended.

Allan38103 Mar 4, 15 7:52 pm

It's perfectly OK for someone to ask if you will switch.

It's perfectly OK to switch if you want.

Or not.

airplanegod Mar 4, 15 7:57 pm

Perfectly within your right. I'm the opposite, i'm a window person and would have to decline if the person had an aisle seat.

Often1 Mar 4, 15 8:30 pm

Nope. Nothing wrong with asking and nothing wrong with saying yes or no as you choose.

I pick my seats for my own comfort and there's a reason I'm in the seat I'm in.

AATrout Mar 4, 15 8:34 pm

Originally Posted by airplanegod (Post 24456224)
Perfectly within your right. I'm the opposite, i'm a window person and would have to decline if the person had an aisle seat.

And you should. Assuming the swappee actually asked before he/she parked their behind in your seat. In my recent case it was on the aisle not the window. He didn’t ask. This was on a 738 from DFW. I was in 6B, swappee was in 6F but parked in 6B; his wife in 6A. I board and this dude in his cowboy bling is in my 6B seat. His answer to my question ...where’s his seat was ‘where’s yours?” Me: Not the way it works. Him: 6F. Me: Nice, but this time I’m riding the aisle. Him: well, maybe you can swap out. Me: Ask someone else. This was October 2014, and I had a knee brace on after some surgery. I took 6B and didn’t want to get into the negotiations between him and 6E/F. That was his job.

Not that difficult to wait until after boarding to park yourself. If this tool had done that, maybe I would have accommodated him.

roberto99 Mar 4, 15 8:41 pm

There are other pax in the row that they may trade with.

When I decline to trade, I always suggest trading with their other neighbor.

arlflyer Mar 4, 15 8:48 pm

There is only one proper response, which is to ask him to name his price. Then go from there.

onocoffee Mar 4, 15 10:04 pm

I agree with the others - nothing wrong with the person asking and nothing wrong with you declining.

Just last month, I declined a woman asking me to swap seats with her daughter. Daughter was in a middle seat. I had an aisle.

Overall, I'm more than happy to accommodate a move request but I'm not a small guy and I choose aisle seats for a reason. Offer me a comparable seat or better and I'll happily exchange with you.

Like the time I flew a PDX-IAH hop with my GF. She had an aisle seat in E+ and I had the upgrade to a window first. I asked the guy on the aisle next to her if we could swap. Told him it wasn't an aisle seat but it was a F seat and he happily switched.

ChiFlyer Mar 4, 15 10:05 pm

To me it's same for same - so if an aisle passenger asks me to change and I am in an aisle sure. Otherwise, no. I have been separated from my traveling companion in the past and couldn't do a fair trade so I didn't even ask.

Single_Flyer Mar 4, 15 10:39 pm

Similar thing happened to me this weekend. The flight attendant knew the guy in 6B and his friend in 6E (both in middle seats). She tried to get 6A to switch with 6E. Awkward! He said no and everyone understood, but I thought it was odd of the flight attendant to do this for her friends. Granted, we were on our way to Vegas so everyone was in good moods, but still. This is one reason I always put my headphones in as soon as I am on the plane (if not before). Discourage people from trying to talk to me...

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