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Originally Posted by cepheid View Post
Hmm, only 200 boxes to get lifetime Gold on AA... who'll be the next PresidentialCoinGuy?

"Orders are limited to two boxes ($500) per President."

There will be four coins issued per annum starting in 2007:


Right now, there are only 8 Presidential $1 coins issued.

A president has to be no longer living to have the coin issued.

Since we are only up to president #43 (Yes, Grover Cleveland gets two coins!) and of the 43, 4 are still alive. So even if it was 2016 (the projected end of the program) already, there will only be 39 coins (x2 = 78 boxes) available for purchase.

(Though indeed, it is possible that one or more of the currently living four may not live to 2016, but this still means only 86 boxes available at most in 2016)
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