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Originally Posted by SRQ Guy View Post
I apologize if I offended Angelenos. Everyone has their tastes, and LA doesn't fit in mine. I love NY, Miami, Seattle, Chicago, and San Francisco (amongst others) but I just never could get into Los Angeles.
No worries, I certainly didn't take it as in insult... Just peaked my curiosity.
I often find that people who say they "don't like L.A." have some fundimental misapprehension about the city....since it is both so diverse and spread out, it's not easy for folks to really get a feel for the town...I regularly encounter natives who have never been to landmarks, events, activities, or neighborhoods that I take for granted.

Then there are the misconceptions. Everyone jokes about L.A. traffic, which can be brutal at certain places. But the locals generally have half-a-dozen alternitives that they use as second-nature... (ask us nice and we'll share ) It's actually San Francisco, Seattle, or New York City that has awful traffic...since travel in those cities almost always involves bridges & tunnels that turn into unavoidable bottlenecks. Yes, LA's public transit is lacking compared to SFO or NYC (having much more area/terrain and much less population will do that), but it certainly is on par Seattle or Miami.

I asked what you seek out in a city as a tourist, because if it *was* something you were missing, I'd be happy to point it out...
...and I can honestly admit that you aren't going to find certain things in L.A.... Four distinct seasons, snow, professional football, or everything you want to see within blocks of your hotel (unless your tastes are really narrow).

mlshanks, thanks for the concern with the long drives, but our toddler generally does very well...
Lucky you!

If you can do the drive down Highway 1, it certainly is a beautiful trip. You might think about taking an afternoon tour of Hearst Castle... A toddler might be more interested by the bus ride up and back since the Hearst family's exotic animals (zebra, elk, antelope, buffalo, curly-horned goats, etc) roam the lower slopes on the way to the castle. But the view is stunning. And the family might be amused by the kitchy Madonna Inn just outside San Louis Obisbo. (both should be reserved well in advance).

Here's something that might impress a toddler (and the rest of the family) between SFO and Monteray: How about a visit to both the coastal redwoods (BIG trees) and an operating steam railroad? The Roaring Camp Railroad and Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park are next door to each other outside Felton, CA...just inland form Santa Cruz.
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