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Sign up for classes at whatever local universities may be around, especially if you have already been a student there and have an account. Once you have online account access, pre-pay (or pay, if you're going to take something I guess) online, but make it something reasonable. A few days later, fill out the form in the business office to get a refund check.
I have two ex-schools within a couple miles of me, so I plan to rack up this fall. I did this last summer and fall at the closer of the two, paying $12kish each semester and then getting the excess back as a check ( I only took one 4 hour class each time, and at ~$7-800/hr the excess was quite a bit). I paid a similar amount this spring, then didn't take anything at all. Employer reimbursement make it even sweeter. Potentially a hassle, but considering UA MP's double miles for school expenses (up to the first $5k), it's worth it having the miles to burn to stay out of the steerage section.
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