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I recently had a wonderful trip flying on Midwest in OMA (the staff was excellent), and was wondering what others thought about certain Midwest cities. I have noticed it seems lately that it is the best care on the ground but in the air it may be a little different lately.

What cities do you folks rate as top notch, and which ones as need to be avoided????
Midwest is like any other airline you are going to have a mixed bag. Some people have great experiences (they note the staff and the ground crew as exceptional) others complain about bad service and dirty planes. I have not had a horrible experience on Midwest but I have had some had some bad experiences with the staff at LAX. I don't feel like getting into it at the moment but it is pretty safe to say I will never ever fly Midwest out of LAX again. I love Midwest on the east coast (I like the Boeing 717). I also like when Midwest uses their charter plane on routes. I recently took a trip from SEA-MKE on a charter plane and it was very nice.
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