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Originally Posted by Efrem View Post
I'm not trying to start a religious war, but it appears from the download that this tool is for Windows systems only. Can you confirm, or explain how to use it with Linux, Mac OS or any other UNIX-based system?
The tool is for Windows systems only, sorry for not making it clear. If you have a Windows emulator, you may be able to run it, although the graphics would be noticeably slower (it uses OpenGL for graphics). I just tried it in VMWare, it worked surprisingly well.

This is a hobby project, and I can only afford doing it because I can reuse lots of code from my commercial projects, which are Windows-only. So don't expect native versions for non-Windows systems.

How do you zoom in/out if you don't have a wheel on your mouse? i.e. you're on a notebook?
To zoom on a notebook, you can use + and - keys on the keyboard. You can also scroll with arrow keys.
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