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Speaking of early recognition, I became instant E two weeks ago, and immediately selected my options. I have read that it takes about three to four weeks to get the initial package. Unfortunately for me, I am taking a flight to the Caribbean in two days, and I likely won't have the upgrade certs (SSWU) by the time I leave. To make matters worse, I have no scheduled flights before next March, meaning I may have to waste the SSWUs!

Is there any way for me to call AC or AP to get the SSWU cert serial numbers that are coming to me so that I could upgrade online? Or, am I SOL?

I have printed my online AP statement to show that I am E in order to get lounge access (as I've read here on FT). Hopefully this will work...? Thanks in advance!
Wont happen.

I was in South America while certs were mailed home. No chance for me to get upgrade on leg back home. I contacted via phone/email etc. No chance as coupon must be in-hand.
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