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Anyone else feel that Dubai is completely overrated?

Just came back from a 4 day trip to Dubai and was disappointed. For visitors, I found the following observations:

1. Not very child friendly. Strollers are hard to navigate on the streets.

2. Taxi's are very difficult to get if you are not at a hotel or shopping mall. Even then there is a lineup.

3. Malls are overrated and overpriced. No sales like Canada and USA. Everything is regular price (unless you go during the shopping festival). Most of the stores are your usual international brand stores

4. Traffic is terrible. Usually jams at any time of the day

5. Weather is hot and humid

6. Dubai zoo is pitiful with majestic animals caged in conditions that would make any animal lover cringe.

7. Wonderland, Children's Park and most other attractions are pitiful.

7. Impossible getting into Burj Al Arab without a restaurant reservation. Cheapest reservation for coffee shop for afternoon tea is about $75.00 USD each. We tried for 3 days straight and couldn't get a reservation. Reality is that most new Vegas hotels would probably be just as nice without the $150.00 entrance fee for a couple.

8. People are generally unfriendly and inhospitable. This is coming from someone who is of Indian origin. I'm sure it's a different experience for caucasian people but we felt there was an underlying tone that we really couldn't afford whatever we were looking at. Starting from the taxi ride from the airport to shopping centres and bazaars.

9. Government sponsored abuse of labour is very sad. Taxi drivers work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, can't bring their families. The taxi companies are all owned by the government. All the beautiful building being constructed are government sponsored cheap import labour from India and Pakistan.

Before anyone gets riled up, I visit India and other "culturally different" areas and my observations are based on personal experience.
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